#GreenSolutions Awards 2018: Discover these winners whose solutions already shape the zero carbon city

#GreenSolutions Awards 2018: Discover these winners whose solutions already shape the zero carbon city

The Green Solutions Awards 2018 winners were revealed in Katowice, a Polish mining town that made the shift to commit to the energy transition and COP24 theatre. The Construction21 network, organiser of the contest, rewarded the winning teams during a ceremony that gathered nearly 200 industry professionals from all around the world. 

Beyond their prize, the awarded teams gain an exceptional visibility that allows them to show the market they are able to provide with relevant solutions, already used in real buildings, districts and infrastructures, and that should be adopted by the largest number to achieve the goal of limiting global warming. Discover them!

A contest connected to the COP

Since the Paris Agreement signature in 2015, the Green Solutions Awards, directly connected to the COP, are a concrete illustration of it. By highlighting pioneering projects, by disseminating them to professionals of the industry committed to sustainable development, the contest contributes to changing behaviours both at national and international level. With the aim of radically transforming how we design, build and manage cities to limit global temperature rise below 2°C.

The grand final of the 2018 edition took place in Katowice, Poland, where the COP24 takes place. The Silesian University of Katowice hosted the ceremony organised by Construction21 and its almost 200 guests. Among them, some leading figures of the environment and construction world, like: Majida El Ouardirhi, General Secretary of the Housing and City Policy of the Moroccan Ministry of National Planning; Alijca Kuczera, Polish Green Building Council; Oliver Rapf, Executive Director of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE); Wang Qingqin, Vice-President of the China Academy of Building Research (CABR), and some representatives of the Solar Impulse Foundation. 

This event was hold as a follow-up to the Building Action Symposium co-organised with the Global Alliance for Buildings & Construction. 

Innovative climate solutions and market trends

Following the preliminary stage of qualifications at national level, 52 finalists, successful among 143 candidates from 16 different countries, were analysed by internationally selected jurors. Divided into 5 juries, 31 experts individually reviewed these buildings, districts and infrastructures before debating. The decision, collective, reports for each winner the message the jurors wish to address to the market.

Through the analysis of all the candidates, real trends are revealed. In 2018, we observed for instance the growing awareness of the need for resilience, the care given to well-being and health of users, even the participation of future inhabitants from the design phase of the project. We also noted that builders use more and more often biobased materials.

Read more about the trends of the Green Solutions Awards 2018

Broad visibility and opening to new opportunities

The Green Solutions Awards, more than a competition, are the guarantee of exceptional and free visibility. To meet its objective of disseminating best practices and virtuous solutions, Construction21 activates a wide web communication plan on all platforms of the network and on social media. This plan is relayed by more than 90  media partners.

Each international winner is offered a video showcasing their project. Easily shared, the videos are broadly disseminated on the web and on social media. 

A brochure was also published in English, French, Spanish and Chinese to highlight the winners. Download the brochure

In addition, many candidates benefit from reserved speaking time (conferences, pitch-ring, TV sets) on partner fairs: Passi’bat, Intermat, Pollutec, BEPOSitive… Or who participate in webinars we organise with our partner Webikeo.

New in 2018: interviews with our partner Batiradio during a weekly radio show named Green Solutions which started in December.

3.6 million views worldwide 

In 2017, the competition generated 1.5 million views, a sharp increase over the previous year. But the 2018 edition breaks all records with already 3.6 million views in mid-November!

Number of views of the case studies on the 12 Construction21 platforms, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook impressions, clicks on WeChat for the Chinese market: a multichannel communication guarantees candidates as well as partners first-class visibility with a particularly qualified target.

Through this increase in visibility, some candidates – even those who did not win – said they had been asked for press or television interviews, or had signed contracts with new customers or partners! 


Browse the projects of our international winners !

Sustainable City Grand Prize


Eco-city southern district Sino-Singapore Tianjin

Tianjin, China - Urban sprawl




Eco-city southern district Sino-Singapore Tianjin


  • Project holder: Construction Bureau China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City
  • Technical consultancy agency: Tianjin Eco-City Green Building Research Institute
  • Developer: Tianjin Eco-city Investment and Developement Co., Ltd.

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Ecodistrict Coeur de Ville - La Possession   

Jury Mention : Ecodistrict Coeur de Ville - La Possession

Reunion Island, France - Urban sprawl

  • Project holder: City of la Possession
  • Construction manager: Leur Réunion
  • Developer: Semader
  • Investor : Immobilière Coeur de Ville 


 Jury Mention : Pasapas

Barcelona, Spain - Urban reconversion

  • Project holder: Sant cugat City Council
  • Association of residents : Associacion espacio eco Les Planes

Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize


Smart, economical and sustainable lighting in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark  - Energy management / Smart City  



Smart, economical and sustainable lighting in Copenhagen


  • Project holder: City of Copenhagen
  • Builder: Citelum

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Hydrogen charging station

Jury Mention 1: Hydrogen charging station

Vannes, France - Green energy

  • Project holder: Morbihan Energies
  • Builder: Atawey
  • Manager/Dealer: Engie Cofely

Abattoir BIGH farm

 Jury Mention 2: Abattoir BIGH farm

Brussels, Belgium

  • Project holder: Building Integrated Greenhouses SCA
  • Manager / Dealer : BIGH Anderlecht SA

Sustainable Construction Grand Prize


Aulario Induva

Valladolid, Spain - Education building




Aulario Induva




  • Contractor: Constructora San-José S.A.   
  • Construction manager : Constructora San-José S.A.
  • Designer : Francisco Valbuena García
  • Developer : Universidad de Valladolid - Vicerrectorado de Patrimonio e Infraestructuras
  • Engineering consultancy: Torre de Comares Arquitectos S.L.P, Ana Jiménez / María de la O García, Cristina Gutiérrez Cid, Vega Ingeniería, José Emilio Nogués / Diego Tamayo, Cristina Cano Herreras
  • Builder: REUQAV Ingenieros
  • Photograph:  Antonio Vázquez Photo

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Bei de Kueben House

Jury Mention 1: Bei de Kueben House

Angelsberg, Luxembourg - Education building

  • Contractor: Administration Communale de Fischbach
  • Designers : Coeba, Dave Lefèvre et associés, Schroeder & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils
  • Engineering consultancy : Betic Ingénieurs-Conseils, Luxcontrol


Jury Mention 2: Deltagreen

Saint-Herblain, France - Office building

  • Contractor : Galeo 
  • Designer : CR&ON Designers
  • Construction manager : Essor
  • Engineering consultancy : ITF, Serba
  • Facility manager : Solaris Gestion 
  • Hydrogen station : Powidian

Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize



Eco-Renovation headquarters of KTR France

Dardilly, France - Office building





  • Contractor: KTR France
  • Construction manager: Diagonale Concept
  • Building engineer and interior designer: Ressources Green Building
  • Engineering consultancy: Amstein & Walthert
  • Company: Terre et Lac
  • Manufacturers: Dualsun, Biofib, Mapei, Sonepar

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Carrer Nou

Jury Mention 1: Carrer Nou

Girona, Spain - Collective housing

  • Contractor: Construccions Busquets Vilobí
  • Designer: Jordi Rodríguez-Roda – López-Pedrero-Roda Arquitectes SLP
  • Construction manager: Construccions Busquets Vilobí   
  • Certification company: Energiehaus Arquitectos SLP
  • Engineering consultancy:  PROGETIC Projectes Sostenibles SL
  • Manufacturer: PGI Engineering
  • Developer : MBD Real Estate Group

Belliard 65

Jury Mention 2: Belliard 65

Brussels, Belgium - Office building

  • Contractor: AXA REIM Belgium
  • Construction manager: Archi 2000
  • Assistance to the contracting authority: Advisers
  • Engineering consultancy: Matriciel SA, Pirnay Engineering, Venac
  • Manufacturers: Herpain Entreprise, SPIE, ITB, Kone, Nizet
  • Certification company: B4F

Energy & Temperate Climates


House of Ile-de-France 

Paris, France  - Student residence






  • Contractor: Région Île-de-France
  • Designer : Agence Nicolas Michelin & associés (Anma)
  • Construction managers : Anma, Deerns France
  • Engineering consultancy : Deerns France, Batiserf

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CLT multi comfort office building

Jury Mention 1: CLT multicomfort office building

Covasna, Romania - Office building

  • Contractors: Nizar Construction, Bavaria Ecosystem
  • Designer : Tecto Architectura
  • Construction manager: Tecto Architectura

Towers of Bolueta

Jury Mention 2: Towers of Bolueta

Bilbao, Spain - Collective housing

  • Contractor: Visesa
  • Designer : VArquitectos
  • Construction manager: Construcciones Sukia

Energy & Hot Climates


Wild South Media Library

Saint-Joseph de la Réunion, France - Public building



Médiathèque du Sud Sauvage


  • Contractor: City of Saint-Joseph
  • Construction manager: Co-Designers
  • Engineering consultancy: Tribu, Gui Jourdan, Héliotropic + Efitec – BET Fluides, Intégrale ingénierie 
  • Economist: Abtec
  • Landscaper: Adhoc paysagiste 

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Low Carbon


The Beehive

Bègles, France -  Collective housing




La Ruche


  • Contractor: Axanis
  • Construction manager: Dauphins Architecture
  • Engineering consultancy : 180 degrés ingénierie, Eco Etudes

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Towers of Bolueta

Jury Mention 1: Towers of Bolueta

Bilbao, Spain - Collective housing

  • Contractor: Visesa
  • Designer : VArquitectos
  • Construction manager: Construcciones Sukia

Waste House

Jury Mention 2: Waste House 

Brighton, United kingdom - Education building 

  • Contractor: The Mears group
  • Construction manager: The Mears group

Health & Comfort


Landsea New Mansion

Shanghai, China -  Collective housing




Landsea New Mansion


  • Contractor: Landsea Green Group Co., Ltd

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Sindibad Beach Resort

Jury Mention 1: Sindibad Beach Resort 

Casablanca, Morocco - Collective housing

  • Contractor: Sindibad Beach Resort
  • Assistance to the contracting authority: ALTO EKO
  • Construction manager: JLA Studio
  • Urban planner : Atelier Philippe Madec


Smart Building


CLK Passive House

Grevels, Luxembourg - Single house




CLK Passive House


  • Contractor: CLK Constructions  
  • Designer: Bureau d'Architecture Urbaine SARL
  • Construction manager: CLK Constructions   
  • Manufacturer: rms.lu

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Jury Mention 1: Technopole

Grenoble, France - Office building

  • Contractor: Schneider Electric
  • Designer: Arche 5
  • Construction manager: Arche 5
  • Developer: GA Promotion
  • Engineering consultancy: Artelia

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