Aulario IndUVA (Spain): Sustainable Construction Grand Prize Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The construction of the Aulario building for University of Valladolid’s School of Industrial Engineering represents a great opportunity for research and improvement of technics already applied on net zero energy buildings of the campus. The building, while completely new, is already connected to the other buildings and installations of the campus, where a global refurbishment and sustainability intervention is being carried out. Aulario IndUVA aims for the GREEN GBCe, LEED and Well certifications.

The building hosts up to 2,500 students in 34 classrooms, for a total built surface of 5,845 m2. It is located on a university campus with workshops, labs, residences, but also gardens, playgrounds and a parking lot. 

The Aulario project was designed to be fully comprehensive, basing its approach on a thorough analysis of preexisting conditions. In order to reach their zero energy goal, the design team was guided by two strong passive principles: compacity in a simple volume and optimization of natural lighting. Coordinated renewable energy production systems come in addition: urban biomass heating network, geothermal and photovoltaic energies

Aulario IndUVA is also a field of experimentation: on natural lighting by using optic fiber, on phase changing materials implemented in strategic spots of the building, and on circular economy by using recycled construction materials. 

Lastly, the project pays real attention to local biodiversity to preserve the gardens and facilitate the development of local species.

Valladolid, Spain
Education Building

Contractor: Constructora San-José S.A.
Designer: Francisco Valbuena García
Construction manager: Constructora San-José S.A.
Developer: Universidad de Valladolid - Vicerrectorado de Patrimonio e Infraestructuras
Consultancy agencies: Torre de Comares Arquitectos S.L.P, Ana Jiménez / María de la O García, Cristina Gutiérrez Cid, Vega Ingeniería, José Emilio Nogués / Diego Tamayo, Cristina Cano Herreras
Construction company: REUQAV Ingenieros


Case study Aulario IndUVA
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Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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