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Presentation of the Green Solutions Awards 2019 + PowerPoint presentation of the launch at MIPIM
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2018 winners brochure (also available in CNESFR)
2018 winners in video - Videos of the international winner's gala - Winner's gala on Periscope - Pictures of the winners' gala in Katowice
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July 2, 2019 - Online votes are open: discover the Green Solutions Awards candidates

March 14, 2019 - Green Solutions Awards: let's start the 7th edition 


Discover and vote for the Green Solutions Awards candidates of the international Construction21 platform

Green Solutions Awards: let's start the 7th edition 

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 Discover the 2019 Green Solutions Awards candidates of the Construction21 international platform and vote!

50 candidates are competing for the #GreenSolutions Awards. So many applicants for the prize awarded by Internet users! But in the end, there will be only one building, district and infrastructure left. And YOU choose these three winners!

Discover the participants and vote for your favourite case studies. You can also share your crushes on social media to give them even more visibilitiy and chances to win.

News for social media - #GreenSolutions Awards

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Who are the 2019 #GreenSolutions Awards candidates of the international platform?   

Discover the list of 50 candidates representing many countries in this competition of sustainable climate solutions. Do you have a crush on a case study? Give it a like! The building, district and infrastructure with the highest number of votes on September 3 will receive the User's choice Award and qualify for the international final. On your mouse, get set, vote!



The race to vote is on! Discover the 50 candidates of the international platform for the #GreenSolutions Awards and like your favourite #buildings, districts and #infrastructures before the 3rd of Sept:



Green Solutions Awards 2019: make your favourite projects win

Get ready to vote: discover the Green Solutions Awards international candidates! 


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