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New energy: smart cities test new urban technologies

Published 26 Jun 2017

Cities represent three quarters of energy consumption and 80% of CO2 emissions worldwide, and with urbanisation expected to continue (...)

EmBuild training materials on driving renovation at local levels

Published 23 Jun 2017

Through sound building renovation measures citizens can reap countless benefits: lower energy bills, increased comfort, healthier livi (...)

“Clean Energy for All Europeans” package: Position of Polish stakeholders

Published 19 Jun 2017

On November 30, 2016, the European Commission (EC) released important pieces of proposed legislative amendments in the form of the (...)

Building case Studies

Zero Emission Green Building Kirstein & Sauer

Published 13 Jun 2017

The office and commercial building was realized as a zero-emission building. On the basis of a high-quality heat protection and a very (...)

Maison des Yvelines - Nubian Vault

Published 13 Jun 2017

This amazing Nubian Vault* building, inaugurated on Dec 4th 2016, is one of AVN's major recent achievements in Senegal. Financed in (...)

City case Studies

Virtual City of Zero Energy House

Published 29 May 2017

Sekisui House is the biggest company, in terms of prefabrication detached house construction. Since April 2013 to January 2017, Sekisu (...)

Forcalquier Historic Eco-District

Published 25 Jul 2016

Project BackgroundPresentation of the municipalityForcalquier has just under 5 000 inhabitants. However, this small town is a real (...)

Montévrain Eco-District

Published 25 Jul 2016

The Montevrain Eco-District, a showcase for sustainable development The Montévrain eco-district is located south of the town of Montév (...)

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