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Have your say on circular houses

Published 08 Aug 2018

An online survey collects inputs on how to best introduce circularity in the housing sector The HOUSEFULproject has launched a stakeho (...)

C-Track 50: First actions and results

Published 06 Aug 2018

1st Croatian roundtable organised by REA NORTH C–Track 50 is a H2020 project which began in March 2018. It aims to support local (...)

Global wind and solar capacity smashes 1,000 gigawatt barrier

Published 06 Aug 2018

The world has now installed more than 1,000 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar power, according to fresh data analysis. Researchers from (...)

Building case Studies


Published 19 Jun 2018

The renovation of the THEODORE building is in line with the desire of AG Real Estate to participate in the enhancement of urban herita (...)

CNSD - National Center for Defense Sports

Published 19 Jun 2018

The National Sports Center of Defense in the heart of the exceptional site of the Fontainebleau forest was renovated and extended by (...)

URMA de Bruay / Saint-Saulve

Published 18 Jun 2018

The building is home to 1300 students in food and bodycare professions. The floors develop a useful surface around 9,000 m² distribute (...)

City case Studies

Eco district PORT DU BON DIEU

Published 15 Jun 2018

The project involves the construction of a multi-residential, diversified and low energy complex of more than 2 hectares, comprising (...)

Ecodistrict Coeur de ville - La Possession

Published 14 Jun 2018

Heart of the City is an ambitious development operation that aims to provide the town of La Possession a new downtown, built in a long (...)

The National Sports Center of the Ministry of Defense

Published 14 Jun 2018

The National Sports Center of the Ministry of Defense at the heart of the exceptional site of the forest of Fontainebleau has been (...)

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