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[Video] Sponsor of the Green Solutions Awards 2018, Rabot Dutilleul "put sustainable development at the heart of its strategy"

Published 23 Apr 2018

For Rabot Dutilleul, a family-owned development-building company, the buildings are a "showcase for human activities". As the Green (...)

[Video] BNP Paribas Real Estate acts for sustainable cities and supports the Green Solutions Awards 2018

Published 23 Apr 2018

European leader in real estate services, BNP Paribas Real Estate intends to play a key role in urban transformation and "share its (...)

[Video] PAREX contributes to the growth of sustainable construction and supports the Green Solutions Awards 2018

Published 23 Apr 2018

PAREX, a major player in the field of building chemistry, is actively engaged in the fight against climate change. In addition to resp (...)

Building case Studies

Docks Apollonia

Published 19 Mar 2018

The Docks de Ris district is located in the town of Ris-Orangis in Essonne, about 20 km south of Paris. Ris-Orangis has a population (...)

Renovation of Paradis School

Published 16 Mar 2018

In Paris, 100 schools have been renovated in two years to improve their energy performance! This challenge, Optimal Solutions, subsidi (...)

Renovation of the Pacific Tower at La Défense

Published 15 Mar 2018

With a surface area of ​​approximately 53,000 m², the "PACIFIC" Tower was completed in 1992 and is located in the business district (...)

City case Studies

Hikari, 1st positive energy urban islet

Published 16 Jun 2017

Born from the initiative and know-how of Bouygues Immobilier and SLC Pitance, as well as the partnership between Greater Lyon and NEDO (...)

Lyontech la Doua Campus

Published 14 Jun 2017

Cité campus is a major project for the restructuring and modernization of the University of Lyon. On LyonTech la Doua, it is a vast (...)

The Jardins de Baseilles

Published 13 Jun 2017

The project "Les Jardins de Baseilles" in Erpent, located along a priority development axis and 3 km from the center of Namur, is base (...)

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