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[Urban Chronicles 2.0] COP 21 : any promising results in the fight against climate change?

Published 12 Jul 2018

As we all remember, COP 21 took place in 2015 in Paris and has led to a landmark agreement among 195 countries in the world : a globa (...)

The URBAN GreenUP catalogue of Nature-Based solutions is now public

Published 11 Jul 2018

The document provides a detailed description of the green urban interventions implemented by the project URBAN GreenUP has released (...)

Orienting Northern Irelands’ Businesses towards the use of Sustainable Energy

Published 11 Jul 2018

A seminar for businesses in Northern Ireland on clean energy was held in the city of Derry The month of June hosted the European Susta (...)

Building case Studies

New Life Concept

Published 17 Jun 2018

There is a feeling that building is very expensive, without having the guarantee of the quality of the result. It is not because of (...)

Waste House

Published 15 Jun 2018

​The Brighton Waste House is the first permanent ‘carbon negative’ public building in Europe to be constructed from approximately (...)

The Thames Amphibious House

Published 15 Jun 2018

An amphibious house is a building that rests on the ground on fixed foundations but whenever a flood occurs, rises up in its dock and (...)

City case Studies

PASAPAS_Projects of Social Action through Participation, Architecture and Sustainability

Published 13 Jun 2018

PASaPAS is a platform that promotes in a critical and proactive way the development of projects through an approach from teaching (...)

Hikari, 1st positive energy urban islet

Published 16 Jun 2017

Born from the initiative and know-how of Bouygues Immobilier and SLC Pitance, as well as the partnership between Greater Lyon and NEDO (...)

Lyontech la Doua Campus

Published 14 Jun 2017

Cité campus is a major project for the restructuring and modernization of the University of Lyon. On LyonTech la Doua, it is a vast (...)

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