CLK Passive House (Luxembourg): Smart Building Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

This passive house demonstrates that connected building can go hand in hand with sustainable housing. Beyond the work for a very efficient and eco-responsible envelope, the contractor wanted to install the EnOcean technology for its ecological values. The CLK witness house thus becomes an intelligent connected home.

This house’s intelligence is invisible, it warns and allows also to control the data, without spending any energy and with the least possible wave emissions. This technology requires less raw materials (no batteries, less cables) and facilitates great modularity: the house evolves with the needs of its inhabitants. 

EnOcean technology enables energy savings by managing overheating and room temperatures. The data collected by the system allows a better understanding of the inhabitants’ lifestyle

Among the implemented features in the CLK passive witness house: 

  • Energy savings: temperature management, energy consumptions and production monitoring, smart shading, consistent lowering of blinds, systematic extinction of lights; 
  • Security: control of window and doors openings, simulation of presence, alarm; 
  • Comfort: central visualization and control of the entire electrical installation, timed lighting control, automatic shading, scene control, programmable positions for blinds and shutters; 
  • Operability: on PC with or without touch screen, on tablet and smartphone apps, remote control, voice commands. 

Grevels, Luxembourg
Single house

Contractor: CLK Constructions
Designer: Bureau d’Architecture Urbaine SARL
Construction manager: CLK Constructions


Case study Passive Witness House CLK
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