Green Solutions Awards 2019 international winners: 22 sustainable projects to inspire the profession

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Turn the spotlight on the international winners of the Green Solutions Awards 2019 edition! Twenty-two exemplary buildings, districts and infrastructures were rewarded by the Construction21 network after nine months of competition, first nationally and then internationally. The Awards ceremony took place on the 4th of November at Batimat, one of the main trade shows for the construction sector in France.
These sustainable projects were the heroes of a ceremony bringing together pioneers of sustainable construction from all over the world. They will continue to benefit from high visibility in the coming months, as our objective is to bring their solutions to the market to reduce carbon emissions. Discover them, adopt them, share them!

The final: an international event

The Green Solutions Awards have the particularity of being both a national and an international competition. The first phase, organised in each country hosting a Construction21 platform, brought out around fifty champions selected by juries of experts and internet users. With this victory came another one: the national winners also became international finalists.

New jurors are then recruited, at a global level, to determine the champions of champions… and define, with their choice, the messages they wish to send to the global market. Discover the juries

The winners are announced at a ceremony attended by more than 150 professionals from all over the world. Usually held during the C0P, the 2019 final took exceptionally place at Batimat, as the opening event of this international trade show for construction.

The mobilisation was strong: delegations from China, Morocco, Egypt, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo and many European countries made the trip.

After convincing 37 different countries to participate in the Green Solutions Awards, this competition demonstrates that the fight against climate change is mobilising professionals globally.

Facing the climate emergency: act quickly and strongly

The 2019 edition is the proof of the rising influence of the Awards. First, with the commitment of 192 candidates from 37 different countries worldwide, compared to 143 and 16 in 2018, and about 100 media partners. But also with the greatest variety of buildings, districts, and infrastructures represented; we noted the participation of condominiums, schools, sport complexes, road/mobility projects, etc.

Through the study of these projects, both nationally and internationally, Construction21 has highlighted a number of trendsthat are representative of what is currently being designed in the world of construction and cities. Among them, we can mention reuse and recycling, the use of local products and biobased materials, low-tech, and the and the return of nature in the city. Discover the 2019 trends

Construction21 once again demonstrates its ability to mobilise sustainable players, to showcase existing projects that deserve to be replicated on a large scale, toprovide concrete sources of inspiration so that all professionals in the sector can radically change the way they shape buildings, cities and territories.

A contest to promote, disseminate and inspire

Twenty-two projects were rewarded – four Grand Prizes, five Prizes, and thirteen special mentions. In addition to the online visibility given to each candidate throughout the competition, the winners benefit from a particular highlight during the ceremony and a slot to express in front of an audience of professionals, composed of potential customers or partners.

A brochure presenting the winners of the 2019 edition was printed in 6,000 copies and revealed at Batimat. Available in English, French, Chinese and Spanish, it will be distributed at partners events or trade fairs throughout 2020. Download the brochure

Each of the Grand Prizes winners also won a video presenting their project; these videos will be widely shared on the web and social media.

These supports are part of a vast (online and offline) global communication plan set up by the Construction21 network and relayed by its hundred of partners across the world.


Sustainable District Grand Prize

International winner

Lyon Confluence

Lyon, France

  • Project holder: Société Publique Locale Lyon-Confluence
  • Developer: SPL Lyon Confluence
  • Consultancy agency: Enertech
  • Assistance to the contracting authority: TRIBU; Hespul
  • Other: Métropole de Lyon
  • Funding: European Commission

Special mentions of the jury

Smarter Together Vienna Simmering

Smarter Together Vienna Simmering

Vienna, Austria
  • Project holder: City of Vienna, MA 25 Urban Renewal
  • Developers: BWSG ; Stadt Wien, Wiener Wohnen
  • Operators: Wiener Stadtwerke; Kelag Energie und Wärme ; Österreichische Post AG ; Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT ); Sycube; Siemens Leberstraße
Sustainable Urban Planning and Building for Pazhou West Area in Guangzhou

Pazhou West Area

Guangzhou, China
  • Builder: South China University of Technology
  • Project holders: Administration Committee of Pazhou Exhibition & Convention, Headquarters and Internet Innovation Industry Cluster, Guangzhou


Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize

International winner

Mijnwater Heerlen

Heerlen, Netherlands

  • Project holder: Mijnwater BV
  • Builder: Mijnwater BV
  • Manager / Dealer: Mijnwater BV

Special mentions of the jury

Changyuan River Wetland Natural Park

Changyuan River Wetland Natural Park

Qixian, China
  • Project holder: Qixian District
  • Construction managers: Phytorestore; IPPR
  • Manager / Dealer: Management Committee of the Changyuan River Wetland National Park
  • Funding: French Development Agency (AFD)


Manono, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Project holder: SNEL National Electricity Company
  • Builders: Enerdeal; Groupe Forrest



Sustainable Construction Grand Prize

International winner

Autonomous House B

Bouskoura, Morocco

  • Contractor: Oualid Belakbil
  • Construction manager: Archibionic-Myriam Soussan et Laurent Moulin architectes
  • Manufacturers: Orienatelier Menuiseries bois; Menuiserie acier El Amri; Argilex

Special mentions of the jury

Technical High School for Health Professionals

Technical High School for Health Professionals

Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

  • Contractor: Administration des bâtiments publics
  • Designer: Fabeck Architectes
  • Consultancy agencies: Betic Ingénieurs-Conseils S.A.; Daedalus Engineering SARL; EBP Schweiz AG; SECO Luxembourg
  • Others: D3 Coordination; Dehne; Kruse Brandschutzingenieure

PopUp dorms

PopUp dorms

Vienna, Austria

  • Contractor: WBV-GPA
  • Construction manager: Obermayr Holzkonstruktionen GmbH
  • Environmental consultancy: LANG Consulting
  • Designer: F2 Architekten
  • Others: OeAD Housing Office; home4students


Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize

International winner

Greenpeace Spain Headquarters

Madrid, Spain

  • Contractor: sAtt Triple Balance
  • Construction manager: sAtt Triple Balance
  • Designer: sAtt Triple Balance
  • Developer: Greenpeace España
  • Thermal consultancy agency: Alter Technica Ingenieros
  • Construction company: 3B Ingenieria y Consultoria
  • Other: Maria Gil de Montes
  • Environmental consultancy: Fundacion para la Salud Geoambiental

Special mentions of the jury



Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Contractors: Mitros; Vios Bouw
  • Construction manager: Nieuw Utrechts Peil
  • Designer: ONB
  • Thermal consultancy agency: Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs

Winter Olympic Plaza Reconstruction
  • Builder: Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Consultant: China Academy of Building Research


Energy & Temperate Climates

International winner


Berlin, Germany

  • Contractor: Newtonprojekt GbR
  • Construction manager: Deimel Oelschläger Architekten Partnerschaft
  • Structures calculist: Lichtenau Himburg Tebarth Bauingenieure GmbH
  • Thermal consultancy agency: pi Passau Ingenieure GmbH
  • Others: Dr. Ing. Gabriele Holst; Büro 1.0; Low-E Ingenieurgesellschaft für energieeffiziente Gebäude

Special mentions of the jury

New Police Office

New Police Office

Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium

  • Contractor: Zone de Police Bruxelles-Ouest
  • Construction manager: Bureau d'architectes Emmanuel Bouffioux(BAEB)
  • Consultancy agency: TPF - Engineering S.A.
  • Structures consultancy agency: ABCIS-Van Wetter S.A.
  • Thermal consultancy agency: NEO & IDES sprl
  • Manufacturer: BAM Belgium - Galère Sa
  • Certification companies: Bruxelles Environnement IBGE ; Arcadis Belgium

Fivewin Science and Technology Museum

Fivewin Science and Technology Museum

Zhengzhou, China

  • Builder: Henan Fivewin Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
  • Designer: School of Architecture, Zhengzhou University


Energy & Hot Climates

International winner

University of Environment

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

  • Contractor: Miguel Campero Cuenca
  • Designer: Oscar Hagerman
  • Investor: Federico Llamas

Special mention of the jury

Basuna Mosque

Basuna Mosque

Sohag, Egypt

  • Contractor: Dar Arafa Architecture
  • Construction Manager: Dar Arafa Architecture
  • Others: Hisham Negm; Bishoy Nagy
  • Other: Ahmed alHadary Amr Haggag Waleed Samir

Low Carbon

International winner

Aerem factory

Pujaudran, France

  • Contractor: AEREM
  • Construction manager: Seuil Architecture
  • Thermal consultancy agency: Soconer

Special mentions of the jury

Ecoconstruction center of Beaulieu-lès-Loches

Ecoconstruction center of Beaulieu-lès-Loches

Beaulieu-lès-Loches, France

  • Contractor: Communauté de communes Loches Sud Touraine
  • Construction manager: 180° Architectes
  • Consultancy agency: SOCOTEC
  • Thermal consultancy agency: EFFILIOS
  • Structures consultancy agency: ARCABOIS
  • Other: C2A



Konseguela, Mali

  • Contractor: Groupe Énergies Renouvelables , Environnement et Solidarité (GERES)
  • Construction manager: GERES
  • Construction company : Entreprise Karim Dembélé + artisans et apprentis VN
  • Developer: Association la Voûte Nubienne (AVN)
  • Designer: Al Mizan Architecture, development, Ecology in Sahel
  • Other: Association Malienne d’Éveil au Développement Durable (AMEDD)


Health & Comfort

International winner

Forestry Brigade

Brussels, Belgium

  • Contractor: IBGE
  • Constructive manager: Gillion Construct - Entreprise générale
  • Designer: B612 Associates
  • Structures consultancy agency: Greisch
  • Other consultancy agencies: Matriciel; OLM Paysagistes

International winner


Tianjin, China

  • Designer and Consultant: Tianjin Architecture Design Institute



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Moderated by : Alice Dupuy

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