Construction21 International Community

Construction21 network is currently managed by an international non-profit association, Construction21 AISBL, established in April 2013. The association is constituted of national chapters, which manage the Construction21 portals in each country. The association gradually welcomes new partners opening Construction21 platforms in new countries.

The Construction21 AISBL president is Christian Brodhag, Construction21 French chapter president.

From local to global

Construction21 has developed an original approach, combining local to global. Construction21 is first considered as a national portal, where users share information and experiences with their peers, in their language.

Construction21 is also an international online network, offering to professionals an access to innovations issued from the whole world.

The current partners members of Construction21 AISBL are:

Association Construction21 France         Chaire UNESCO Cycle de vie et changement climatique (ESCI-UPF) - Barcelone

The Association Construction21 France was created at the end of the European project, in 2013. The association is gathering 100 organisations, all deeply committed to sustainable construction challenges. 

  The UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change is an innovative research group, internationally well-known, pioneer in developing and implementing the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). 
ANCE, the Italian association for building companies is involved with administrative authorities in governing the territory, planning investments and designing interventions; it interacts with the Italian government and European institutions regarding Energy Efficiencies and Renewable Energies legislation.  

CAP Construction is a Walloon cluster of companies active in the building industry, promoting sustainable construction in Wallonia. One of its main goals is to reach the 2020 common European objective of massive energy consumption reduction. 


China Academy of Building Research (CABR) is responsible for the development and management of the major engineering construction and product standards of China. It carries out common, basic and public technical researches required in building industry.   CDEC was founded in 2008 to ensure the sustainable competitivity of construction sector in Luxemburg. To achieve that goal, CDEC created Neobuild, the technological green building innovation pole operating Construction21 Luxemburg.
The Moroccan Cluster EMC (Energy Efficiency of Construction Materials) is a non-profit association. It aims to bring actors of the building industry and sustainable development together around innovative collaborative projects, by pooling skills and knowledge in the field of energy-efficient building materials.  

The Promotion pole of ecobuilding in Oran is managed by R20 MED. This organisation was founded by institutions and private or public operators that are committed to promoting sustainable construction and energy efficiency in buildings.


The International Resource Centre for Innovation and Sustainable Development aims to promote the sustainable economic development. The  organisation is also involved in environment knowledge management activities designed towards public and private organisations.
The Construction 21 software has been developed by CIRIDD, our technical partner in charge of IT developments.



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IEE-Intelligent Energy for Europe


Construction21 was originally created, thanks to European funding, by a consortium of nine partners (IFPEB, ESCI, UCV, ANCE, DGNB, PE, RoGBC, VGTU and CIRIDD) wishing to accelerate the environmental transition of the building market. The project, winner of the "Intelligent Energy for Europe" call for proposals, received significant support from the European Union during the first two years (May 2011-May 2013). Read more

Construction21 is also closely linked to BUILD UP, the European Commission portal on energy efficiency in buildings, which publishes all the case studies and news from the international Construction21 platform.

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Updated March 6 2017