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On Construction21, unregistered users can only see public informations: news, case studies, members. As a registered member of the portal, you can publish contents or join online thematic communities of your interest.
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How to register and how to complete/edit your profile (pdf)

Publish news

Once you're logged in, click on the news section of the menu then on the "add your article" button. Type in your article, add your pictures or videos, fill in the mandatory fields while respecting the editorial line of the portal (Informative articles, no commercial papers).

Your article will be published after the moderation of our team.

How to publish a news (pdf)

Publish a case study

You can promote your exemplary buildings across Europe on the exemplary building database of Construction21.

Click on the "Case Studies" menu item, then on "Add your case study", fill in the general information about your building and add a first picture of it, then save. Your case study is created in the Construction21 database and is ready to be completed with all your relevant informations.

You can fill the remaining fields at your own pace. To retrieve your work in progress case study and complete it, click on the "My pages" link (top of your screen), then on the "Edit" link of your listed case study.

  • How to publish a building case study (pdf)
  • How to publish a district case study (pdf)
  • How to publish an infrastructure case study (pdf)

You can add your solutions in a case study that has already been published, if they have been implemented in a building created by another user.

How to add a product (pdf


Contribute to a community?

A Construction21 thematic community is a place where you can follow or share information with other professionals interested by the same topic, under the animation of an expert of this topic.

You can then publish some contents as soon as you have joined the community. Just select the type of contents you want to add (document to upload, article, bookmark, event, forum, RSS feed) and the click on “add”. The fill in the form and select the visibility level of your content (private, community members only, public).

How to contribute to a community (pdf

How to manage a community (pdf


Create your company page

Construction21 gives great visibility to your company on the web, especially among professionals of the sustainable building and cities sector. Your company page is key to trigger that visibility and the first step to managing your digital image.

How to create a company page (pdf 


Publish your trainings 

Construction21 helps you promoting your training sessions over to a targeted audience: professionals of the green buildings and cities sector. In a few clicks, keep them informed of your next sessions, the topics and the dates to come.

How to publish your trainings (pdf)