Manono: Electrification of an isolated city

  • Year of commitment : 2018
  • CO2 Impact : A network powered only by renewable energy

  • Builder
    Enerdeal: solar installation and storage solution Groupe Forrest: distribution lines

Manono won the Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize of the 2019 Green Solutions Awards et the RDC (Congo) level + a mention for the international Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize.

Enerdeal's 1MWc solar installation is located in Manono, a town of 20,000 inhabitants in Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo.

From Lubumbashi, in the best conditions during the dry season, three days are necessary to reach the isolated city. The isolation will be more marked in the rainy season when the truck trip can reach three weeks.

In Manono, since March 2018, a hospital, a school, an airport, shops and housing are now connected to electricity. The 3200 solar panels that achieve a power of 1 MWp are connected to a battery system representing a capacity of 3 MWh, the set is probably one of the largest autonomous installations (not connected to the network) in Central Africa.

Electrification in Africa is a major objective for the improvement of living conditions and the development of regions. In the Katanga region, most residents do not have access to electricity and if electricity is available, the grid is not reliable; cuts are usual. The stand-alone installation solution using only solar energy coupled to the batteries has many advantages over installations coupled with a diesel engine.

The positive environmental impact is undeniable when diesel can be avoided. This is not the only advantage in this region where the price of diesel is very high, fluctuating and has an unsecured supply due to isolation. These elements have only reinforced the investment choice for energy entirely produced by solar panels.

The major challenges of setting up the solar installation will have been the logistical management of sending the equipment to such an isolated place and the management of a day-to-day site with limited resources. Barred roads, truck overturned, convoy to protect, difficult climatic conditions, every day brought its challenges to be raised.

Thanks to this experience, as rich as it is hunmanly and technically, Enerdeal has gained a notoriety that opens the doors of the international.

Commissioning: 2018

Acquisition: direct by SNEL (National Electricity Company)

CO2 Impact

A network powered only by renewable energy


Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Infrastructures

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    Green Solutions Awards 2019 - Infrastructures