Call for presentation of Innovative, Energy-Efficient and Zero Carbon Building Solutions (presentation to the Turkish construction Sector)

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Call for presentation of Innovative, Energy-Efficient and Zero Carbon Building Solutions (presentation to the Turkish construction Sector)


The French Development Agency (Agence Française de Développement (AFD)) and VakıfBank have partnered to foster the development of a green housing market in Türkiye. This initiative, known as the Türkiye Green Housing Project, is geared towards promoting sustainable development by reducing household energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the residential building sector.

Accounting for 6.6% of Türkiye's real Gross Domestic Product, the construction sector is a pivotal component of the national economy. However, the residential sector is currently a significant energy consumer, responsible for about 22% of Türkiye's total final energy consumption. This consumption is heavily reliant on fossil fuels, which constitute approximately 76% of the energy used, while only 24% comes from renewable sources. Amidst ongoing economic and demographic shifts, there is an escalating demand for housing, further intensifying energy and land use, and consequently, increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Objective of the Call:

As part of this ambitious project, we are in the process of creating a Best Practices/Good Examples Database for Energy-Efficient, Green and Zero-Carbon Buildings for the entire life cycle of the building including planning design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, demolition phases. This dynamic repository will serve as a showcase, spotlighting pioneering design approaches, cutting-edge materials, and advanced systems, with the primary goal of introducing and promoting these innovations within the Turkish construction market.

In addition, selected companies will also be invited to participate to an online workshop the 3rd of April with the main actors of the Turkish sector. 

We recognize France's leading role in pioneering innovative building technologies and solutions and we are inviting esteemed French and international organizations to contribute to a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in the Turkish building and construction market. As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we are seeking contributions from French and international companies that excel in the following domains:


1. Building Design Approaches:

• Innovative design strategies that optimize energy consumption, minimize material use, minimize carbon emissions, and contribute to the green attribute of buildings.

• Sustainable and climate-responsive architectural concepts.


2. Building Materials:

• Eco-friendly and sustainable construction materials.

• Novel materials with a reduced carbon footprint, low embodied-carbon materials.


3. Building HVAC Equipment and Systems:

• High-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions.

• Smart HVAC systems that optimize energy usage based on real-time needs.

• Electrification of buildings.


4. Building Integrated Renewable Energy Technologies:

• Integration of renewable energy sources into building design.

• Solutions that harness solar, wind, or other renewable resources.


5. Building Monitoring Systems:

• Cutting-edge technologies for real-time energy consumption monitoring.

• Systems that enable proactive energy management and optimization.


6. Construction, Demolition and Recycling

• Approaches and technologies that contribute to decreasing carbon emissions and negative environmental impacts.

We encourage companies to submit examples of projects, products, or systems that showcase innovation and excellence in these areas. Accepted submissions will be featured in our comprehensive database, which will be made accessible to key stakeholders in the Turkish building and construction sector.

Submission Guidelines:

• Please provide a detailed description of your innovative solution.

• Include case studies or examples of successful implementation.

• Highlight the environmental and energy-saving benefits.

• Outline the potential applications in the Turkish market.


All submissions should be sent to [email protected] with the subject line "Innovative Building Solutions Submission - [Your Company Name]."


We look forward to showcasing your contributions and fostering collaboration between the French and Turkish building and construction sectors.


Thank you for your dedication to sustainable practices and for being a part of this transformative initiative.

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