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Thermic renovation of a guard house with baked clay

We have renovated a guard house located at the entrance of Eiffage Sénégal headquarters. The project aimed at :   Providing (...)


Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) Platform 3rd Plenary Meeting: Register now!

The SRI platform invites you to join its 3rd plenary stakeholders meeting. The Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) is a common (...)


The Phenix

The Phenix, Lemay's Montreal office, was designed as an experimental laboratory for innovations in sustainable development (...)


Re:Crete Footbridge

In French This project won a "Technical Challenge" mention for the category "Outside the framework" of the Trophées Bâtiments (...)


NBK Head Office (National Bank of Kuwait)

NBK’s tower will serve as the bank’s headquarters. Mainly comprising offices the structure enables consolidation of operation (...)


Conference focused on bioclimatic buidings and materials in Morocco on May 2023

ABC21 project is excited to announce that the "International Conference on Bioclimatic Materials and Buildings (ICBMB) - (...)


Malicounda High School

This project is located in Nianing, in Senegal, and consists in creating eight new classrooms and an amphitheater for the (...)


Webinar - Data-driven innovations for monitoring the performance of buildings

Advancements in building monitoring and control systems have allowed for much more comprehensive and in-depth data on the (...)


How to stay warm and save energy: Insulation opportunities in European homes

Since the war in Ukraine in early 2022, the energy crisis has only become more urgent. The question of the EU’s energy securi (...)


How to increase the use of nature-based solutions in urban areas?

Nature-based solutions (NBS) offer multiple benefits to address urban sustainable-development problems, especially related (...)


Building Construction: The Basics of Sustainable Design

Climate change is an ongoing issue that each country needs to address before it produces intense droughts, severe storms (...)


Eco-Friendly Winter Home Projects for Handy Homeowners

  Many look forward to sitting in front of a cozy fire and sipping hot cocoa when it’s cold outside. However, handy homeowner (...)


Clyde Gateway Welcomes Durham University’s GEMS Project

Clyde Gateway, member of the D2Grids project which aims to roll out 5th generation for heating and cooling grids through (...)