Circular Building Coalition: the winners of the open call for Blueprint Projects

Circular Building Coalition reveals 10 innovative projects to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy in the (...)


D2Grids workshop in Glasgow: 5GDHC, solar integration, and grid engagement!

D2Grids project, the pioneering initiative focused on advancing 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling (5GDHC) networks (...)


Reducing waste and recycling materials in commercial construction projects

Commercial construction projects are vital in shaping our urban landscape and generating significant waste and environmental (...)


Policy brief – Circular buildings: Paving the way to a net-zero industry

Why do we need the circular economy for a deep decarbonisation of the industry? What are the legislative actions needed at (...)


IPCC report: how can innovation help fight climate change?

The latest IPCC report focuses on existing solutions to fight against climate change. This article aims to highlight existing (...)


Impulse partners unveil two startup accelerator programs in construction technology and water management!

Paris, France, May 22nd, 2023  Leading European construction accelerator and consulting firm, Impulse Partners, today announc (...)


How new technology of modular buildings can help in emergency medical care?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the deadliest in human history, claiming the lives of over 15 million people worldwide (...)


Survey of 53 fifth generation district heating and cooling grids (5GDHC) in Germany

This article presents a survey conducted among utility companies and engineering offices in Germany to collect data on 5 (...)


Thermic renovation of a guard house with baked clay

We have renovated a guard house located at the entrance of Eiffage Sénégal headquarters. The project aimed at :   Providing (...)


The Danish Nature Agency's official residence in Thy

A wood building in the forest Near the scenic Klitmøller in Thy, is built a residence for the Danish Nature Agency. The local (...)


The Phenix

The Phenix, Lemay's Montreal office, was designed as an experimental laboratory for innovations in sustainable development (...)


Spain as an energy island: securing through connection

Read this conversation with Alfonso Arroyo Gonzalez, FEDARENE Vice-President for Renewable Energy Sources about the energy (...)


Louly's Canteen

En français The Louly canteen, a "work-school La Cantine de Louly is a project that was set up in parallel with our architect (...)



ShowPass is an EnerPhit-Step-by-Step precertified building from beginning of 20th century. It is also certified as a CO2 (...)


Re:Crete Footbridge

In French This project won a "Technical Challenge" mention for the category "Outside the framework" of the Trophées Bâtiments (...)