BUS-GoCircular webinar series on BUILD UP!

The EU has committed to making its built environment greener in the coming years. With the introduction of the “Fit for (...)


D2Grids workshop in Glasgow: 5GDHC, solar integration, and grid engagement!

D2Grids project, the pioneering initiative focused on advancing 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling (5GDHC) networks (...)


Level up your knowledge: 5GDHC serious game is out!

You've been waiting for it: the equipment you need to play the serious game on 5th generation district heating and cooling (...)


Policy brief – Circular buildings: Paving the way to a net-zero industry

Why do we need the circular economy for a deep decarbonisation of the industry? What are the legislative actions needed at (...)


Brunssum's 5GDHC network digs deep for sustainable heating and cooling!

As part of the D2Grids project, which has been promoting 5th generation for heating and cooling grids since 2018, we spoke (...)


IPCC report: how can innovation help fight climate change?

The latest IPCC report focuses on existing solutions to fight against climate change. This article aims to highlight existing (...)


Maud Caubet, winner of the Rethinking the Future prize!

Photo credit: Maud Caubet Architecte On May 30, 2023, Maud Caubet was awarded the Rethinking the Future prize in the Cultural (...)


Energy poverty in rural areas: help address this problem by filling in the RENOVERTY survey!

The RENOVERTY (“Home Renovation Roadmaps to Address Energy Poverty in Vulnerable Rural Districts”) project is collecting (...)


5GDHC in practice: recovering heat from abandoned mines

Bochum and Heerlen are two cities using abandoned coal mines to implement fifth-generation district heating and cooling grids (...)


Bochum pilot site: 5th generation heating and cooling grid in practice!

Mark 51°7 is a 70-hectare area located in the city of Bochum in Germany. It has undergone several transformations over the (...)


How new technology of modular buildings can help in emergency medical care?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the deadliest in human history, claiming the lives of over 15 million people worldwide (...)


Webinar - Replicable solutions for sustainable Plus Energy Buildings

Hosted by BUILD UP, the Cultural-E project organises a webinar titled "Replicable solutions for sustainable Plus Energy Build (...)


Sustainable shipping container homes offer cities unique green architecture

  Green architecture has taken the nation by storm, with people and businesses showing greater interest in green construction (...)


Level(s), a free EU tool for better sustainability performance assessments for construction professionals

To help the buildings sector achieve its net zero ambitions, the European Commission has created Level(s), a common language (...)


Thermic renovation of a guard house with baked clay

We have renovated a guard house located at the entrance of Eiffage Sénégal headquarters. The project aimed at :   Providing (...)