EU conference for buildings professionals committed to sustainability

The European Commission DG Environment is inviting those working in the built environment sector to join an online conference (...)


IPCC report: how can innovation help fight climate change?

The latest IPCC report focuses on existing solutions to fight against climate change. This article aims to highlight existing (...)


5GDHC in practice: recovering heat from abandoned mines

Bochum and Heerlen are two cities using abandoned coal mines to implement fifth-generation district heating and cooling grids (...)


Half of urban trees are outside their "comfort zone": future plantings must consider climate resilience

Trees growing in cities world-wide may be at risk from climate change. Urban greening must use species that can cope with (...)


How new technology of modular buildings can help in emergency medical care?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the deadliest in human history, claiming the lives of over 15 million people worldwide (...)


Level(s) and the New European Bauhaus: support EU efforts to build a sustainable future

A new European Commission publication shows how buildings professionals can contribute to the New European Bauhaus movement (...)


Level(s), a free EU tool for better sustainability performance assessments for construction professionals

To help the buildings sector achieve its net zero ambitions, the European Commission has created Level(s), a common language (...)


Public housing in Tarm

69% less CO2 footprint than the Danish building regulation requires  These buildings is a climate-optimized passive house (...)


The Danish Nature Agency's official residence in Thy

A wood building in the forest Near the scenic Klitmøller in Thy, is built a residence for the Danish Nature Agency. The local (...)


Rådhuslunden_City hall grove

Flexible public housing How do you convert an older town hall into public sustainable housing? Both above, inside and next (...)


Dubai Expo 2020 - UAE Pavilion

The UAE Pavilion is an iconic structure located at the Expo 2020 Dubai site, representing the United Arab Emirates at the (...)


Fjord View - energy efficient social housing

“Fjordudsigten” is the name of these houses. It is located on the west coast of Denmark and includes 80 terraced houses.  (...)


Louly's Canteen

En français The Louly canteen, a "work-school La Cantine de Louly is a project that was set up in parallel with our architect (...)



ShowPass is an EnerPhit-Step-by-Step precertified building from beginning of 20th century. It is also certified as a CO2 (...)


Re:Crete Footbridge

In French This project won a "Technical Challenge" mention for the category "Outside the framework" of the Trophées Bâtiments (...)