Bonus newsletter of D2Grids project: last but not least!

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Bonus newsletter of D2Grids project: last but not least!

As D2Grids project ends, the achievements and lessons learned through the whole project will continue to guide the evolution of district heating and cooling grids, and catalyse a more sustainable and efficient energy transition for future generations.

These 5 years have been a lab for innovations, exchanges, innovative ideas and fruitful collaborations. Thanks to a demand-driven approach, D2Grids project succeeded in redefining the standards for 5th generation district heating and cooling grids (5GDHC). This ambitious initiative has created the foundations for a sustainable energy transition for the partner cities.

Beyond the concrete achievements, D2Grids project has also played a key role in bringing together experts, decision-makers, industrials, academics, from the energy sector to exchange knowledge, share best practices and inspire new ideas. This synergy of ideas helped to broaden the scope of the project.

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