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Experiences with low-temperature district heating and cooling in the Netherlands

In this article, we describe the ambitions, considerations, and choices of five Dutch project teams working within the nation (...)


Survey of 53 fifth generation district heating and cooling grids (5GDHC) in Germany

This article presents a survey conducted among utility companies and engineering offices in Germany to collect data on 5 (...)


District heating carries geothermal energy into homes, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption

Geothermal energy can be very useful for delivering heat to buildings, safeguarding the environment while generating economic (...)


Decarbonising heating and cooling: a climate imperative

The EU has met its target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, compared with 1990 levels. However, meeting (...)


The second course on 5GDHC is already online!

The EU supports the uptake of smart and low-temperature district heating and cooling (DHC) networks to speed up the process (...)


House of the Environment

En français The Maison de l'Environnement brings together the offices of the DGE, which were previously scattered over severa (...)


The 5th generation heating and cooling grid of Glasgow

Clyde Gateway is Scotland’s biggest and most ambitious urban regeneration programme. It is a partnership between Glasgow (...)


Paris-Saclay district heating and cooling grid: Veolia takes over the operation!

The Paris-Saclay district heating and cooling grid is one of the five pilot sites from D2Grids European project. It is the (...)


Heat from a data center is warming Dublin’s buildings

Cities are capturing heat emitted by computer servers and using it to warm everything from government buildings to college (...)


Climate-neutral buildings require efficient heating and cooling networks

On 9th February, the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament adopted its proposal on the Energy (...)


How to ensure security of heat supply and at the same time decarbonise district heating? The Polish case-study

Regulations dedicated to the transformation of district heating sector are one of the key areas of the “Fit for 55” package (...)


Solar PV panels to supply electricity of the Glasgow heating and cooling grids

We met Martin McKay, who, as the Executive Director of Regeneration of Clyde Gateway in Scotland, leads Clyde Gateway's Green (...)


Electricity from renewable sources on the rise

In absolute terms, the production of electricity from renewable energy sources increased by almost 5% from 2020 to 2021. (...)


Find out Europe’s six innovative geothermal projects of 2022

In March 2023 EGEC will announce the final winner among the six endorsed nominations for the Ruggero Bertani European Geother (...)


The New European Bauhaus Booster 2.0 is seeking to support socially conscious innovators

The EIT Community New European Bauhaus has this week launched the New European Bauhaus Booster 2.0 to support socially consci (...)