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Involving all the players in a comprehensive retrofitting project from the start, an approach known as Integrated Project Delivery, could be the key to its success Cuatro de Marzo is a district (...)
A holistic approach is necessary to successfully plan and construct energy efficient buildings. But implementing best practices elsewhere is not a straightforward task.  To tackle climate change (...)
Net-Works is a social, environmental and commercial solution tackling the problem of discarded fishing nets, by Interface and ZSL. The programme evolved from a need to find a better way of doing (...)
A residential energy-saving retrofitting program adopts strategies to convince local inhabitants of its benefits.  One of the biggest challenges of retrofitting projects is to make them attractive (...)


Passive cooling systems for building in the Marrakesh region

Published 19 Dec 2014 à 16:56

In Morocco, the operating power cost of air conditioning systems for buildings may account for more than 30% of the total power bill.  Furthermore, the impact of air conditioners usage on electricity demand is an important problem (...)

Multifold challenges for districts level retrofitting

Published 18 Dec 2014 à 14:58

Retrofitting a district is quite different from retrofitting a single building: the technological challenges involved are far greater.  The Cuarto de Marzo district of Valladolid, Spain, is an area spreading over 21,000 square metres (...)

Daikin Europe hits a BREEAM AP high

Published 16 Dec 2014 à 13:16

Daikin Europe NV has hit a BREEAM high with 23 individuals across 12 countries trained and qualified under the BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP) programme. This represents the largest number of APs from any one single organisation (...)

Case Studies

Childcare center "People & Baby"

Published 25 Nov 2014 à 11:22

This private childcare center of 30 cradles was built for the People & Baby company at a location owned by the "System U" company in Vendargues. This 437m² building is a modular wood construction of high performance and low envir (...)

Uzala pavilion

Published 13 Nov 2014 à 19:47

The Uzala Pavillon is a pilot project to test materials and construction systems. It is also a good example to test the performance once built, over time and use, until his removal after five years.

WOOPA building

Published 23 Oct 2014 à 11:47

Positive energy and zero carbon building Prizewinner of the PREBAT call for proposals Program: Offices and shops 85 housings A nursery (capacity of 40 children) This building hosts about 500 employee and hosues 300 residents.   (...)

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