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WOOPA building

  • Published 23 Oct 2014 à 11:47
  • Positive energy and zero carbon building Prizewinner of the PREBAT call for proposals Program: Offices and shops 85 housings A nursery (capacity of 40 children) This building hosts about 500 employee and hosues 300 residents.   (...)


    César Alonso: third parties play a key role to making buildings energy efficient

    Published 27 Oct 2014 à 12:50

    The town council of Valladolid, Spain, is renovating its heritage buildings to achieve near-zero energy districts, while involving all stakeholders. In a strategic plan for the municipality, the town council of Valladolid , in Spain (...)

    Green building procurement and investment: An EU approach to sustainability data

    Published 20 Oct 2014 à 13:37

    Brussels, 20 November 2014 Is information on the environmental performance of buildings important for you? What data/information linked to this would be useful for your activities? Is this data available today? What changes would (...)

    MeeFS aims for a retrofitting solution as universal as possible

    Published 15 Oct 2014 à 15:52

    To retrofit residential buildings in Europe, there is a growing need for modular solutions that can be applied to the diversity of European climates Retroffiting older buildings has become an industry in its own right in Europe. To (...)

    Case Studies

    Experimental Building "Le Gabion"

    Published 06 Oct 2014 à 15:29

    "Le Gabion" is a French association created in 1993 by Richard and Liliane Lacortiglia. Since its creation, the association aims to take into account the human and environmental dimensions in construction. In 2002, their rent contract (...)

    Extension of the Aglaé Nursery - Le Mesnil-le-Roi

    Published 02 Jul 2014 à 00:00

    To increase the capacity of the Aglaé Nursery which was a metal prefab from the 80s, the city of Mesnil-le-Roi decided to launch an extension project. The operation required high energy performance, with a small budget and the constra (...)

    Offices and exhibition hall CNIDEP in Laxou (54)

    Published 24 Jun 2014 à 00:00

    Self-declarated HQE® approachLQE (Environmental Quality in Lorraine) 2011 and PREBAT 2008 Prize winnerCNIDEP (National Innovation Centre for Sustainable Development and the Environment in Small Business) building is a permanent exhibi (...)

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