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How to drive new finance for energy efficiency investments (FINAL REPORT) This report has been prepared by the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EFFIG) for the European Commission (...)
An institute in Belgium is about to start retrofitting renovation works. Pupils and teachers have been involved with new courses, visits and an open day. Improving the energy efficiency of existing (...)
BUILD UPON: 2 Years to Make a Difference Co-Creating Europe’s National Renovation Strategies IMAGINE A BUILT ENVIRONMENT THAT ENABLES A HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL (...)
Construction21, social media for sustainable buildings & cities, launches the 3rd edition of the Green Building Solutions Awards, a contribution to the COP21. #GBSAwardsConstruction21 contributes (...)


IBA Hamburg, a German approach on sustainable urban development

Published 25 May 2015 - 19:13

Internationale Bauausstellung or International Building Exhibition is a well known concept in Germany. For more than a century, these IBA’s have been an instrument of visionary urban development, not just a mere exhibition. It is a (...)

Christian Brodhag presents the Green Building Solutions Awards

Published 25 May 2015 - 11:17

Construction21, the social media for sustainable buildings & cities, launches the Green Building Solutions Awards 2015. This international contest aism to promote and showcase exemplary efficient buildings from allover the world, as (...)

Social acceptance in new smart energy districts: a lesson from Spain

Published 19 May 2015 - 10:52

Torrelago is one of the largest residential districts in Europe. Located in the Spanish city Laguna de Duero, near Valladolid, it consists of  31 blocks of flats with more than 4,000 residents. The district is experiencing a green (...)

Case Studies


Published 16 Mar 2015

Green Office ® is the registered trademark of Bouygues Immobilier for a new generation of positive-energy buildings. The architectural concept of the project is based on the analysis of the place and more specifically on the peculiari (...)

Childcare center "People & Baby"

Published 25 Nov 2014

This private childcare center of 30 cradles was built for the People & Baby company at a location owned by the "System U" company in Vendargues. This 437m² building is a modular wood construction of high performance and low envir (...)

Uzala pavilion

Published 13 Nov 2014

The Uzala Pavillon is a pilot project to test materials and construction systems. It is also a good example to test the performance once built, over time and use, until his removal after five years.

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