Involvement of Sustainable Building Alliance in the VCS (voluntary certification scheme) project

Published 04 Feb 2016

The European Commission launched a call for tender to work out the technical development and the operational requirements of the VCS (...)

Seraing gets mobile raising the ranks of smart cities in Belgium

Published 03 Feb 2016

Last December 2, Agoria, the Belgian federation of technology & industry, organized the 4th edition of its smart cities forum. The (...)

Scaling up initiatives supporting the energy renovation of buildings

Published 01 Feb 2016

In light of the recent COP21 agreement, efforts to decrease CO2 emissions will have to increase significantly. Building renovations (...)

Building case Studies

Building a new organic supermarket

Published 31 Aug 2015

A new type of farm shop has been developed on an organic farm, a shop that aims to increase customer satisfaction with its concept (...)

The Ncube lab

Published 28 Aug 2015

The future of one-family houses brought to life in a prototype house in Luxembourg. It is the result of three years of development (...)

Global Technology Center

Published 10 Jul 2015

​ Following the Hive natural model, our concept emphasizes the human power of creation and the magic transformation of raw materials (...)

City case Studies

Eikenøtt ecodistrict, Gland

Published 17 Dec 2015

Raising awareness about major environmental challenges, biodiversity and "better collective living" is one of the main themes of Eiken (...)

Croix-rouge ecodistrict, Reims

Published 16 Dec 2015

Built in the late 1960s and located in the southwest of the city, bordering the urban fabric, the Croix-Rouge district is typical of (...)

ProjectZero, Sønderborg

Published 15 Dec 2015

ProjectZero is the vision of creating a CO2-neutral Sonderborg by 2029, based on sustainable growth and many new green jobs as a resul (...)

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