Construction21 Algeria is online!

Published 25 Nov 2015

11548 The platform Construction21 Algeria is officially operational. Mr Abdelghani Zalene, Wali of Oran, gave the kickoff inaugurating the (...)

CITy Voices: Councillor Ramsey Milne

Published 19 Nov 2015

6785 Interview with Councillor Ramsey Milne, Aberdeen, Scotland Why did Aberdeen choose to participate in the CITyFiED project, and how (...)

Construction21 acts for climate

Published 18 Nov 2015

11491 On November 12, Construction21, France GBC and R20 called to building professionals to mobilize for the climate. The Construction2 (...)

Building case Studies

Building a new organic supermarket

Published 31 Aug 2015

A new type of farm shop has been developed on an organic farm, a shop that aims to increase customer satisfaction with its concept (...)

The Ncube lab

Published 28 Aug 2015

The future of one-family houses brought to life in a prototype house in Luxembourg. It is the result of three years of development (...)

Global Technology Center

Published 10 Jul 2015

​ Following the Hive natural model, our concept emphasizes the human power of creation and the magic transformation of raw materials (...)

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