Irrigation of the Green Garden Concept

  • Year of commitment : 2022
  • Address 1 - street : king Abdalah str. 00962 JERASH, Other countries
  • CO2 Impact : reduce co2 emmission
  • Water cycle : Rain water, Used Water, Collection, Used water recycling
  • Biodiversity & Ecosystems : / Environment education, Ecosystems preservation /

  • 100 000 €

Context and climate-related issues

Jordan, located in an arid and semi-arid region, is one of the countries with the scarcest water resources: 92% of the country has annual rainfall of less than 200 mm. The municipality of Jerash, located in the north of the country, faces increasing water scarcity due to non-sustainable management of water resources, rapid population growth and an influx of refugees.

The effects of climate change began several years ago, with extreme variation in rainfall and longer and exacerbated droughts which also have an impact on water resources.

Presentation of adaptation initiative

The municipality project aims to irrigate the Green Garden Concept with rainwater collected in roof tanks and grey water from council buildings. After a first pilot project which harvested rainwater for public garden in 2017, a second extension project (5,650 m2) was initiated in 2019.

During the wet season, storage tanks with a capacity of 100 m3 will collect rainwater which will be used for irrigation during the dry season.

By using this water source, the municipality also aims to raise awareness amongst the population in danger of over-exploiting traditional wells (ground salination and biodiversity loss).

In addition, the project includes training for local professionals on technologies and equipment for rainwater and greywater recovery (treatment, etc.).


Initiative success factors

  • Strong local support for climate change adaptation
  • Strong national political support
  • Support from international development agencies
  • Simple and affordable technologies with high potential for replication

Initiative follow-up and assessment

  • Measurement of water conservation
  • Number of trained stakeholders and local community members
  • Number of people reached by awareness-raising campaigns

Achieved or anticipated key results

  • Support of Green Garden Concept
  • Raising awareness about better use of water resources for local communities
  • Contribution to the well-being of the population and improvement of ecosystem services

Data Reliability


Funding Type


Sustainable Development

    The project double objective was to raise awareness about water conservation among the population. Professionals were also trained to the use of such systems, enabling them to replicate the solution in the future.

    Citizens of Jerash can continue enjoying the green space, even during dry seasons. 

    The Green Garden is home to various species, thus keeping biodiversity within the city.

    Instead of using new, fresh water to irrgate the garden, rain and grey waters are being reused. 


    Greater Jerash Municipality

    Local Authority


    • Regional Environmental Centre - Sweden (REC),
    • International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

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