REWARDHeat serious game: a fun and interactive way to learn more about DHC grids!

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REWARDHeat serious game: a fun and interactive way to learn more about DHC grids!

EU Horizon 2020 project “REWARDHeat”, which aims to demonstrate how to make a transition to a new generation of low-temperature district heating and cooling grids and effectively integrate and utilize renewable and waste heat.

In order to present and promote innovative heating grids, HAWK University has developed a web-based serious game.  The game is about the heating sector and its transformation in a fictional town. Players take one of the roles (district heating company, district manager, government) and follow their goals to win in the game while interacting with each other and performing different actions. It allows to discover a simulation of transformation of existing fossil fuel-based heating systems to sustainable systems, but also increases knowledge and raises awareness.

The game has been created for different types of users. It can be interesting and useful for:

  • Engineering, economic and finance students;
  • Professionals from the energy and finance sectors, city planners, municipalities;
  • Everyone who is interested in energy and sustainability.

The game has successfully been tested with students from the HAWK and international students and it has not stopped improving ever since.

Starting in December 2022, HAWK offers to organise free gaming workshops to the public. Both online and in-person formats are possible, and they can travel to the location of participants. 

Why should you play this game?

The game can be played by everyone! You can have fun and learn at the same time, perfect combination!

For this workshop, 10 players minimum and up to 36are required, with their own laptop. They will have to take half an hour of preparation at home before, and then the playing time will last 4 hours.

Such workshops can be considered for students as a part of their education (8 hours of playing time is recommended for students) or for professionals as a teambuilding or networking event.

Feel free to contact them if you are interested! 

Know more about the REWARDHeat serious game!

Discover the narrated presentation!

Prepare yourself with a tutorial for players!

Watch the video presentation:

About REWARDHeat project: 

The REWARDHeat project has four specific objectives:

  • Integrate effectively multiple urban renewable and waste energy sources
  • Develop innovative technologies for flexible use of heat in DHC networks
  • Demonstrate digitalisation, allowing to optimise the management of the DHC network
  • Develop business models and financial schemes to enable large public and private investments to be mobilised

REWARDHeat project and D2Grids, which aims to promote 5th generation for heating and cooling grids, share these goals!

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