Green Solutions Awards 2022 2023: discover the Belgian winners

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Green Solutions Awards 2022 2023: discover the Belgian winners

During the awards ceremony held on September 19, 2023 in Brussels, the public present was able to discover the chosen projects. Here is the list of winners:

Infrastructure User's Choice

Winner : The largest solar carport in Pairi Daiza

 Stakeholders: Perpetum Energy, Pairi Daiza, Préfabois

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Urban Renovation User's Choice

Winner : Avenues Kersbeek, Bempt et Verrerie et square Bia Boucquet à Forest

 Stakeholders: AGORA, MATRIciel

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Buildings User's Choice


Winner : MONTECO

 IStakeholders: ARCHi2000, Nextensa, BPC, ION, NEY - WOW, VK Engineers, Woodshapers,

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Sustainable Infrastructure Grand Prize


Winner : Enerdeal : A smart battery for optimized use of solar-powered charging stations

 Stakeholder: Enerdeal

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Low-tech Prize

Winner : Administrative house of the Province of Namur

Stakeholders: Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineers, Province de Namur, Jan De Nul nv, Bureau d'études structuresCerfontaine sprl, Flow Transfer International sa, Matriciel sa, Acoustic Technologies sa, Ceanero asbl, BOPRO nv, MOBIC sa, Les Ateliers Remy

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Health & Confort Prize