Energy & Hot Climates winner of the #GBCSAwards 2016: Case di Luce (Italy)

Case di Luce is an integral part of a new urban model that will be the driving force to redevelop a district which, although highly urbanized, is in a state of decay and neglect.  The site was depolluted after the demolition of old settlements. This Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) meets in a tangible way the challenges of sustainable cities, with innovative design solutions.

Located in the south of Italy, Case di Luce must ensure true comfort in summer and in winter, while keeping the consumptions as low as possible. That’s why Pedone Studio led a study on seasonal variations with solar diagrams. It resulted in a geometrically complex set of facades optimized for the comfort of the inhabitants.

These facades are articulated around architectural elements that maximize passive solar gains: solar greenhouses. They collect solar energy in winter and temperate the apartments during the summer.

To fight further against climate change, Case di Luce was built in concrete of hemp.

  • Contractor: Pedone Working
  • Designer: Pedone Studio
  • Construction company: Pedone Working
  • Address: Bisceglie, Italy

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Moderated by : Véronique Pappe

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