Smart City winner of the #GBCSAwards 2016: Fort d'Issy (France)

Built on the site of a 19th century fortress demilitarized in 2009, the Fort d’Issy ecodistrict is 12 hectares large and counts 1,623 housings (including 330 social housings), more than 3,500 inhabitants, and 2,300 m² of shops and public facilities along with 44,000 m² of green spaces planted with 300 fruit trees.

Commanding the view on the Parisian urban area, the ecodistrict was designed with a very high respect to the environment. Housings, collective facilities and businesses respect the most demanding standards in energy efficiency, the whole being heated with geothermal energy. The Fort d’Issy is also connected to IssyGrid®, the first smart grid for a district in France, with the goal of consuming better, les and at the right time.

In most apartments, optical fiber and home automation offer access to all kinds of digital services. The eco-district also features pneumatic waste collectors. Last but not least, the Fort d’Issy is an experimentation site for smart mobility in Issy les-Moulineaux : shared parking lots, real-time tracking of buses on smartphones and electric cars on demand.

  • Contractor: City of Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • Designer - Urban Planner: Architecture Studio
  • Developer: Bouygues Immobilier
  • Address:Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

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Moderated by : Véronique Pappe

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