Smart Building winner of the #GBCSAwards 2016: Agua (France)

Designed entirely for the well-being of the GA Group’s teams, this exemplary and innovative building shows actual energy consumption under 25 kWh/m²/year for comfort usages, and received the HQE Excellent certification (High Environmental Quality) along with the BEPOS label (Positive Energy Building).​

This was made possible by a thorough work on the envelope and also by the optimisation of consumptions through the BMS Gapéo® developed by the GA Group. With this system, all the equipments designed, developed and installed by GA can be managed from anywhere. The central control analyzes the data recorded by the individual equipment and transmits them instructions. Each space has a well optimized level of comfort, according to the wishes and habits of every user.

The building Agua aims to go even further than just being a smart building. Its Gapéo® system is combined with a « predictive » Artificial Intelligence module. The building also shares its energy surplus toward the other buildings of the business park, connected to a smart grid.

  • Contractor : Eurosic
  • Designer : CDA Architectes
  • Construction company: Groupe GA
  • Address : Toulouse, France

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Moderated by : Véronique Pappe

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