#GBCSAwards 2016: juries' special mentions for the Green City Solutions Awards

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#GBCSAwards 2016: juries' special mentions for the Green City Solutions Awards

The first edition of the Green City Solutions Awards  aimed to promote innovative and sustainable neighbourhoods. Mobility, environment, social cohesion and sustainable housing were the key words of the 2016 candidates. Three eco-neighbourhoods won the Smart City, Sustainable City Grand Prize and User’s Choice Awards. With so many high quality case studies to decide from, the jurors decided to grant special mentions to some candidates.

Smart City Prize:

2nd Price: Smart City Pamplona

Pamplona, Spain

This Spanish eco-district, located in Pamplona, ​​caught the attention of the thematic jury during the deliberations, notably for its managerial approach on the implantation of technological tools for the citizens. The implementation of a well-defined methodology made it possible to evaluate the efficiency of the implemented systems. The provided tools simplify the life of citizens and allow them to have a concrete visibility of their consumption habits. A web application informs the citizens on various subjects associated with the eco-district. Other systems, more focused on infrastructure management, have also been implemented, such as for light management or citizen maps. The neighbourhood also includes topics related to mobility, including parking management, promotion of electric vehicles and bicycles, and climate and energy, with the will to implement indicators for citizens.

3rd Price: Smartseille, Allar eco-district

Marseille, France

The Allar eco-district is presented as an operational demonstrator of the “Phosphore” approach initiated by Eiffage. It applies urban development by considering all the components of the ecosystem, namely energy, construction, mobility, uses and ecological services, while placing the user at the heart of the design. Smartseille, henceforth, is an incubator of innovative solutions that should serve as examples for other similar structures in the future. As for energy consumption, the user will be able to see in a tangbile way the evolution of his habits and adapt them accordingly, particularly thanks to an energy coaching. The eco-district also offers bicycles and electric vehicles to facilitate the responsible mobility of the occupants. Lastly, Smartseille presents itself as a true digital city, offering its inhabitants a Wi-Fi bouquet and an intranet, a social link and source of information on the eco-neighbourhood and the rules of life.

Sustainable City Grand Prize:

2nd Price: The City of Tafilelt Tajdite

Ghardaïa, Algeria

The City Tafilelt Tajdite was perceived by the thematic jury as an example to follow and to replicate in Algeria. This eco-district of 870 houses combines social, urban and ecological approaches while preserving the World heritage site by UNESCO and the fragile ecosystem of the oasis. Many solutions are integrated to make this space a friendly and eco-responsible place to live. About mobility, collaborative transports have been implemented. A natural wastewater treatment plant has been installed for the irrigation of orchards. On the other hand, the eco-district integrates a system of recovery and recycling of waste, as well as the recovery of palm wood for carpentry work. In the design, the prime contractor used low carbon materials.


User’s Choice Award:

2nd Price: Taghazout Bay

Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout is part of a desire to deploy eco-tourism in Morocco, by combining sports activities, residential and tourist infrastructures. The Azur plan envisages the construction of six seaside resorts in the Kingdom of Morocco. Known for being a true surf spot, Taghazout Bay includes many amenities for tourists, an Arganier cooperative, a beach club, public facilities.

The project, certified international HQE, fully respects the idea of an incorporated local culture, integrating the surrounding populations throughout the project.

3rd Price: Smartseille, Allar eco-district

The Allar eco-district in Marseille also received a special mention by Internet users, who saw in this Ecocity a true potential of urban development and demonstrator for the mutations of the city.


Download the winners' brochure

Relive the Green Building Solutions & City Awards 2016 by consulting the brochure in French or English. Photos, information on buildings, eco-neighborhoods and find sponsors ... all the key points of the contest for download or in hard copy on request. Download the brochure 2016 - Download the Press Release


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