Greenpeace Spain Headquarters, exemplary renovation, Spain - Green Solutions Awards 2019 Winner

Greenpeace Spain Headquarters, exemplary renovation, Spain - Green Solutions Awards 2019 Winner

A widely titled Spanish winner (Low Carbon Prize, Energy & Hot Climates Prize, Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize and Users' Choice Prize), Greenpeace Spain Headquarters, qualified for the final, also won the Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize of the 2019 Green Solutions Awards at the international level. 

For its headquarters, Greenpeace Spain was looking for a building corresponding to the values defended by the NGO. It was therefore essential to work on the materials used, energy efficiency, but also the comfort of the occupants. Costs also had to be kept under control.

The result is an innovative renovation, whose design has focused on initiatives that can be easily replicated. Air conditioning is thus entrusted to an air/water exchanger system free from chlorofluorinated liquid. This solution also reduces the equipment’s power consumption to air pressure boosters alone.

It is a passive building, whose electricity is produced by a nearby wind turbine. All heating production is therefore based on electrified solutions.

The materials were subjected to a life cycle analysis and to an indoor air quality impact-assessment. The floor is made of cork, while the insulation is made of recycled textile and the paints are organic. Posters announcing the construction of the project have been recycled into lamp shades.

Finally, the carbon footprint of this renovation was compensated by reforestation in Nicaragua.

Office building
Madrid, Spain

  • Contractor : sAtt Triple Balance
  • Construction manager : sAtt Triple Balance
  • Designer : sAtt Triple Balance
  • Developer : Greenpeace España
  • Thermal consultancy agency : Alter Technica Ingenieros
  • Construction company : 3B Ingenieria y Consultoria
  • Other : Maria Gil de Montes
  • Environmental consultancy : Fundacion para la Salud Geoambiental
Etude de cas Greenpeace Spain Headquarters
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