Andy Bull is the winner of the 2018 Roger Léron Award

The 4th edition of the Roger Léron Award was concluded on the 10th October 2018, with the Ceremony at the Palais des Académie (...)


Jane Oyugi, Sustenersol: “There is a beneficial ripple effect to the Green Solutions Awards”

In 2017, Sustenersol Company Ltd (Sustenersol) competed in the Green Solutions Awards, an international competition for clima (...)


The national ceremony of 2017 "Green Solutions Awards” in China

On January 26, 2018, China Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Healthy Building (CHBA) and "15th Top China (...)


A dream team jury will elect the winners of the International VELUX Award 2018

“We are thrilled and proud to present this esteemed jury to the works of engaged students from all over the world and we (...)