Discover the RECONSTRUCT project in a presentation video

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Discover the RECONSTRUCT project in a presentation video

The EU-funded project aims to develop circular, eco-friendly, and innovative solutions to reduce emissions from the construction industry 

 "What if we could use more sustainable cement?  What if we could use technology to recover waste and transform it into construction materials?". This is the opening of the video released by RECONSTRUCT, introducing what the project aims to develop. 
16 institutions are working together to: 

  • Develop and adopt low-carbon alternatives to cement and steel. 
  • Manufacture construction components incorporating recycled materials  
  • Integrate the process of deconstruction into the very core of building design. 

The project will use a range of digital tools to assess potential waste reservoirs and will validate the research with two demo cases, in Brussels and Barcelona. 

Watch the video to learn more about the project's added value. 

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