Solutions firm CVC France Air joins the BIM objects platform BIM&CO

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Solutions firm CVC France Air joins the BIM objects platform BIM&CO

Through the offer "BIM & CO for Manufacturers", France Air and BIM&CO have collaborated closely to design and deliver high quality BIM objects for design and engineering departments around the world.

BIM&CO technology has attracted the France Air HVAC solutions brand, who entrusted it with all production and distribution of their BIM objects.

In their search for a partner able to deliver the digitisation and distribution of the company's products for the BIM market, France Air's team was immediately attracted to the BIM&CO approach. 

Delphine Duc-Goninaz, Product Marketing Director at France Air, says: "Beyond the very professional support teams who worked with us in publishing these objects, we were pleasantly surprised by the functionalities of the BIM&CO platform.  We have found the offer for Manufacturer extremely specialised.

It connects us directly to the platform, giving us real-time access to our data. We were pleased by BIM&CO's rigour in its choice of properties, as it facilitated the appropriate use of our objects in BIM projects. The collaborative workspace on the platform itself makes it possible to talk directly to our users and get feedback on our objects. 

Beyond this technical aspect, we find real value in the ability to maintain a manufacturer space where we can showcase our products and provide installation, maintenance and certification documentation, all in total freedom."

Etienne Mullie, CEO of BIM&CO, explains: "BIM&CO's strategy is to facilitate the work of manufacturers in gaining access to the BIM market. We take on the many constraints and the complexity of the world of BIM, so that our clients can focus on the quality of the data they provide. When BIM processes change, or new data uses or needs arise, our clients provide the required information directly online, and the platform 'takes care of the rest'.

BIM&CO's manufacturer offering also incorporates additional services to improve and add value to our clients' BIM activities. In particular, BIM&CO Analytics which offers a real CRM, allowing us to stay connected to the users, to communicate with them, and to generate sales opportunities. We are pleased that France Air has recognised this know-how as unique.

More than 50 products of France Air are now available on the BIM&CO platform, which some are already appearing among the top 10 most downloaded BIM objects on the site! This is a great success for a major actor joining the BIM&CO catalogue. These products may be found at the following URL:

As a startup, BIM&CO has continued to consolidate its position as the leading platform for the HVAC engineering sector.

About France Air

France Air is specialised in design and distribution of air conditioning systems for commercial buildings, collective housing, professional kitchens as well as industrial and hospital buildings.
From ventilation to diffusion, filtration, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, energy recovery, air handling and fire protection, France Air covers a wide range of areas. The company is present in more than 22 countries, covering nearly 30 000 customers across 60 000 sites worldwide.

France Air's high-performance systems are designed to deliver savings in energy consumption while enhancing the comfort of building occupants and indoor air quality. They are designed to achieve energy efficiency in both new and renovated buildings.

About BIM&CO

BIM&CO is a global actor: a leader in BIM object and product data related technologies aimed at the construction sector.

BIM&CO produces collaborative technologies and has developed a complete ecosystem designed to help manufacturers digitalise their product catalogues for BIM purposes. BIM&CO also supports and works alongside all types of industry actors (construction companies, architects' offices, engineering companies, property developers, etc.) to help them create and manage their data and objects.

One of the main central components at the heart of the technology developed by BIM&CO is a collaborative system for managing object properties (Open Properties Management System). The OPMS makes it possible to apply internationally accepted structures and standardisation to object properties, thus facilitating the interoperability between the various different BIM software packages and processes available in the marketplace, right from the initial planning and design of a construction through to its final use.

To meet the needs of the wide variety of applications for which BIM is used, the ecosystem, via the platform, enables global distribution of both the technology and the standards. BIM&CO thus recruits and leads a community of specialist companies and organisations based in various countries around the world and consisting of content partners, software partners and business partners. The BIM&CO ecosystem also features a marketplace component designed specifically to enable the development of BIM models in different formats and the structuring of the data in accordance with a common standard.

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