Smart applications for smarter cities: How the ICT platform "City on Cloud" is making the Turkish city of Tepebasi greener?

14 06 2019
 Online   14/06 - 14/06/2019

June 14th, 2019 at 16:00 (UTC+3) / 15:00 (UTC+2)


When Tepebasi Municipality decided to reduce its carbon footprint and become a greener and smarter city, it picked the Life Village, a community for the elderly and Alzheimer patients as its test bed.  With the support of the REMOURBAN project, the city was able to implement a variety of interventions and upgrades to its energy as well as mobility infrastructure.  While these upgrades helped the city becoming more energy efficient, an improvement of the ICT infrastructure and the implementation of a smart city platform were needed to make it fully “smart”.


The smart city platform “City on Cloud” collects information from smart meters as well as other devices and platforms and helps the municipality monitor its energy consumption and measure the savings achieved by these infrastructure upgrades.  As its name suggests, the City on Cloud platform is hosted on the cloud and allows the city users access the information easily from anywhere and any computer/mobile device.


This webinar explores the various smart applications that are implemented at the Life Village demo site at Tepebasi Municipality, such as Building Management System, Smart Street Lighting, Smart mobility applications (e.g. fleet tracking for e-buses and cars), E-bike management system, Renewable energy management (e.g. solar panels) and illustrates how the ”City on Cloud”  platform helps the city manage all these applications under one umbrella as a platform of platforms.


This webinar is part of a series of six webinars organised by the REMOURBAN project. It will be held in English and will last approximately 45 minutes.


Click here to join the webinar on Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 16:00 (UTC+3) / 15:00 (UTC+2)!



Introduction - Mathieu Grosjean: Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum
Introductory words on the Project REMOURBAN and this webinar.


Overall connection between REMOURBAN and the ICT platform implemented in Tepebasi - Caner Demir: Consultant, Demir Enerji
Insights into REMOURBAN's urban regeneration model and how energy, mobility and ICT can converge.


Why is Tepebasi strenghtening its ICT infrastructure? - Murat Aksu: Project Manager, Tepebasi Municipality
The importance of integrated ICT infrastructures for sustainable Municipalities.


How does "City on Cloud" meet Tepebasi's demand? - Murat Karabatur: Head of Mobile Solutions, Olcsan
Delivery of energy and mobility data required by Tepebasi. Some notes on a smart lighting App.



Moderated by : Clément Gaillard

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