[Buildings and Climate Global pre-Forum] Resilience, adaptation, decarbonisation... To COP or not to COPE?

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 [Buildings and Climate Global pre-Forum] Resilience, adaptation, decarbonisation... To COP or not to COPE?

On the 5th and 6th of March, Construction21 and partners are organising a symposium on sustainable buildings and cities to showcase existing actions and solutions around the world.

This event will precede the Buildings and Climate Global Forum coorganised by France and the United Nations Environment Programme on the 7th and 8th of March 2024, where more than fifty international delegations are expected, including the states that are part of the Buildings Breakthrough

To COP or not to COPE?


See the programme!

Tuesday 5 March (free - registration requested)

From 9am

The morning will be dedicated to visiting exemplary sites in Paris - There will be several circuits each with 2 projects:

Circuit 1: New offices
Circuit 2: Renovated offices
Circuit 3: Culture
Circuit 4: Sports facilities
Circuit 5: Residential
Circuit 6: Districts
Circuit 7: Alternative materials

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Wednesday 6 March (free - registration requested)

Registration includes access to the conferences, a coffee reception, snacks during the breaks and a cocktail lunch.

This one-day conference on buildings and cities in the face of the challenges of resilience, adaptation and decarbonisation will provide an opportunity to showcase France's ambitions in terms of regulations and solutions, as well as taking an international perspective.
More than 300 people are expected to attend (journalists, international delegations, ministries, members of parliament, partner companies, industry experts, students, etc.) at SMA-BTP, Paris 15

9am / Welcome coffee at SMA-BTP, Paris 15, France (map)

9.30am / Session 1 – Decarbonisation as a solution

  • Low-carbon strategies around the world
    Comparative analysis of 12 countries (Europe, Africa, Asia) between regulations financial objectives and different practices on the ground – Stéphanie Merger, ENPC
  • Operating experiences
    • biobased materials (France) – Laurent Arnaud, Cerema
    • Living Places, Danish low-carbon housing (Denmark) – Velux
    • Energy renovation of ZAC Paul Bourget (France) – GRDF
  • Round table: the levers of decarbonisation
    • Vincent Kitio (Kenya) – Architect, Head of the Urban Energy Unit at UN Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme)
    • Inès Dahmouni Mimita (Tunisia) - MDarchitectes
    • Alexandra Lebert (Europe) – CSTB
    • Thibault Laville (France) – Ecodesign, HOBO Impact
  • Training in the era of decarbonisation
    • Interview with Élodie Chebassier Davin – Compagnons du Devoir
  • Approaches and solutions (pitchs)
    • Low-carbon and affordable housing (Africa) – Nubian Vault
    • Energy sufficiency of buildings (Europe) – Marine Girard, IFPEB 
    • Renewable energy in the Mediterranean basin (Europe/Africa) – Ademe 
    • Steel reuse (France) – Maison de la Construction Métallique
    • Net Zero Carbon Renovation Method (France) – Simon Davies, AIA Environnement / Alliance HQE-GBC

11am / Break and visit to the partners' forum

A partners' forum will be held alongside the conferences to meet some of the players involved and encourage discussion.

11:15am / Session 2 – Resilience: adapting existing buildings to climate hazards

  • The economy at the service of climate
    • Interview with Benoît Leguet – Institut de l'économie pour le climat, Managing Director 
  • Operating experiences
    • From farm to cyclone-resistant hospital (Reunion Island) – AIA 
    • Transforming a district into a sponge city (Belgium) – Agora Urba
    •  Renovating existing housing to adapt to climate change (South Africa) – Build Change 
  • Round table: rehabilitating to resist and breathe
    • Maximilien Rouer (France) – Sustainability advisory, Mazars 
    • Yimin Sun, Ph.D. Building Science (China) – South China University of Technology School of Architecture
    • Lamine Ighil Ameur, Ph.D. Soil Mechanics (France) – Cerema
  • Approaches and solutions (pitchs)
    • Urban planning support for disaster-stricken municipalities (Belgium) – BUUR Part of Sweco
    • Support for sustainable property (France) – Observatoire de l'Immobilier Durable

12.45pm / Lunch and visit to the partners' forum

A partner forum will be held alongside the conferences to meet some of the players involved and encourage discussion.

2pm / Session 3 – Adaptation: how to design cities and buildings of tomorrow?

  • Principles and framework for adaptation
    • Karim Selouane, Ph.D., founder of Resallience and member of the European Commission's Mission Council on Adaptation to Climate Change
    • Rachel Chermain, Director of the HQE-GBC Alliance
  • Operating experiences
    • New Zenata Ecocity (Morocco) – Nour El Houda El Hamoumi, SAZ
    • Plymouth 5G heating and cooling network (UK) – Plymouth City Council
    • Spiritual Centre (Togo) – Jean-Loup Patriarche, Patriarche
  • Round table: anticipating to adapt
    • Ana Rocha (Brazil) – Pro Active Consultoria, CEO
    • Maxime Roger (France) – CSTB, Director of Water Operations
    • Romain Crouzet (Europe/Africa/Belgium) – Director, Climate Chance
  • Approaches and solutions (pitchs)
    • Multi-scale modelling to assess the effects of microclimate and thermal comfort (Belgium) – Antea Group
    • The RITE tool, or how to ensure summer comfort – Cerema

3.30 pm / Break and visit to the partners' forum

4pm / Session 4 – French Territories in action

  • Are local authorities ready to adapt?
    • Sylvain Godinot, Deputy Mayor of Lyon in charge of the ecological transition and heritage
    • Pénélope Komitès, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of innovation, attractiveness and resilience 
    • Alexandra Emery - Proplink, CEO
    • Jean-Marie Quemener - General Secretariat for Ecological Planning (Ministry of Ecological Transition)
  • When training rhymes with adaptation
    • Interview with CCCA-BTP

5pm / Session 5 - Tomorrow's players have their say: the conclusions of student work

Students and apprentices from various French and European schools will be looking at sources of inspiration to be drawn from the living world, based on 4 selected themes: renovation, energy, water and urban heat islands. At the end of the day, each group will present the results of their thinking to the panel of professionals.

6pm (and later if you like) / Closing and visit to the partners' forum
Sponsor events (such as a cocktail reception for students on the Maison de la Construction Métallique booth)


Construction21 is organising this event under the auspices of the Buildings and Climate Global Forum, which will be held on 7 & 8 March at Palais des Congrès in Paris. Find out more

05/03 - 06/03/2024
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