Maud Caubet, winner of the Rethinking the Future prize!

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Maud Caubet, winner of the Rethinking the Future prize!
Photo credit: Maud Caubet Architecte

On May 30, 2023, Maud Caubet was awarded the Rethinking the Future prize in the Cultural (built) category for her project, "Les Sheds."

These former factories in Pantin, France, which serve as a testament to the city's industrial past, have been preserved and renovated as part of the Diderot Park development.
The project includes an early childhood area, a cultural space featuring an exhibition hall and a workshop for resident artists, as well as a lodge for park wardens.
The Sheds' facades are adorned with black bricks, accentuating the restored historical facade, while the roof has been reconstructed to maintain the characteristic shed design. Zinc finishes and skylights have been integrated, allowing for natural light.
The rehabilitated garage, serving as a lodge, stands out with its zinc roof extending to the ground, contrasting with the historical brick on one side and black brick on the other.
The thermal and acoustic performance of the Sheds has been enhanced to meet modern requirements and accommodate the project's mixed-use program.
This renovation project pays homage to the site's historical significance while aspiring to connect Pantin's industrial past with its cultural and recreational future.

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