Launch of TerriSTORY® a reference web-tool for territories in transition
The energy and environmental transition is an opportunity for the territories to regain a new perspective towards development.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region in partnership with ADEME* relies on TerriSTORY® to contribute to achieve this goal. This reference web-tool developed by the Regional Energy and Environment Agency (AURA-EE) aims to enable such transition.

The official launch of TerriSTORY® will be held at the Region’s stand of the BePositive Exhibition on Thursday 14 February.

  • Because the energy and environmental transition is a strong economic and social lever: TerriSTORY® materialises the generated value to the territories through a number of potential scenarios (employment, tax benefits, added value).
  • Because the transition is a collective issue involving every actor: local communities, companies, citizens, organisations, etc.; available data must be reliable and accessible as far and wide as possible, in an open and adapted format, through an interactive and dynamic visual interface.
  • Because the transition must be deployed in accordance with well-defined and well-assessed environmental objectives, local communities need to rely on prospective capacities in order to take control over their transition, regardless of the territorial scale: Regional Planning Documents, Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans, Positive Energy Territories, Territorial cohesion schemes…
  • Because every territory is unique and has specific resources, each actor needs to become acquainted with them in order to take more fitting actions, but also to track the links with other territories.

TerriSTORY® not only fulfills territorial strategies, it also reflects a collective endeavor:

  • Each territory contributes to the achievement of global scale results through the quest of its own objectives, whether they be regional, national, European or international.
  • This web-tool is put together alongside its users through a club of pilot territories, most of them beeing municipality groupings: Communauté de communes du Genevois, Communauté de communes des Monts du Lyonnais, Communauté de communes de Forez-Est, Communauté d’agglomération Pays d’Issoire, Syndicat des Territoires de l’Est Cantal, Grand Annecy Agglomération, Communauté d’agglomération Grand Lac, PNR du Massif des Bauges, Syndicat d’énergie de l’Isère et Syndicat d’énergie de l’Allier.

TerriSTORY® is backed up by technical and scientific partners: INDRIA, OPConseil, the 101, GRDF, Enedis, GRT gaz and RTE.



* (Agency for the Environment and Energy Control)

Media contact: Stéphanie Marquet 07 60 87 67 33

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