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We are glad to present our, a new User Interface application for complex BIM projects developed within ProGETonE project, an H2020 funded project about deep energy renovation of residential buildings with seismic strengthening approaches.

Combining three-dimensional and real-time visualization technologies with a simple and user-friendly interfaced, the tool supports owners and professionals to visualise and choose the most appropriate options from ProGETonE solutions according to their needs, expectations, personal tastes and budget.


This tool will communicate the possible façade transformations to the inhabitants and give them the possibility to interact and select between various options, to control and compare the possible outputs from the different perspectives related to the following aspects: aesthetic and functional quality, economics and costs, energetic performance.


You can have a fast insight on how to use it through the user manual, available in the Youtube channel of the project.


Interested future users, professionals, engineers, architects and building designers can explore the possibilities of the application by testing it on the ProGETonE Greek pilot building, through the demo available in our specific section of ProGETonE website, where you will find also more information and instructions.  

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