Energy poverty in rural areas: help address this problem by filling in the RENOVERTY survey!

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Energy poverty in rural areas: help address this problem by filling in the RENOVERTY survey!

The RENOVERTY (“Home Renovation Roadmaps to Address Energy Poverty in Vulnerable Rural Districts”) project is collecting opinions from different stakeholders. It aims to investigate the characteristics and drivers of energy poverty in rural contexts, as well as barriers to and solutions for the implementation of energy efficiency policies to alleviate rural energy poverty.

This survey fits under the project objective to RENOVERTY foster energy efficiency building upgrades in the energy poor households of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) / South-eastern Europe (SEE) and Southern European countries (SE) by establishing the methodological and practical framework to build renovation roadmaps for vulnerable rural districts in a financially viable and socially just manner.

By completing this survey, you will actively contribute in RENOVERTY’s aim to deliver tools and resources to support local and regional actors to build and execute operational single or multi-household roadmaps for rural areas and create a scalable model to ensure the wide geographical replicability and implementation of the roadmaps by different actors at the EU level.

If you represent vulnerable households (e.g., policy advocates, NGOs, etc.), public governing authorities, energy experts, financing authorities or you feel you can contribute with your opinion, you have until the 30th of June at 18:00. to help us in our mission.

Fill in the survey here!

Completing the survey should not take more than 10 minutes. You will be asked to provide your personal opinion on several questions. Keep in mind that no right or wrong answers exist. Only your opinion matters. Your participation is completely voluntary, meaning that you can withdraw at any time, without justification.Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

For more information on the survey please contact Marco Peretto: [email protected]

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