Green Solutions Awards : the 2017 edition is on!

On March 15, Construction21 launched the 5th edition of the Green Solutions Awards at MIPIM in Cannes, France.

This international competition of sustainable buildings, districts and infrastructures is supported by ADEME and the Global Alliance for Buildings & Construction. It aims to widely disseminate innovation in order to accelerate transition to a more sustainable world. The winners will be announced in Bonn, Germany, in November, during the Conference of the Parties on climate change (COP23).

In 2017, the competition includes infrastructures and expands in China

After buildings and districts, the contest will promote this year a third kind of realisations : infrastructures. Green energies, responsible mobility, water cycle, biodiversity & ecosystems, circular economy & waste, digital services : so many solutions contributing to reducing our carbon footprint to be highlighted by the Green Solutions Awards.

The other novelty is geographic: Construction21, already present in Europe and Africa will open in China on March 23, giving access to Chinese innovations to all professionals… and also the opportunity for French ones to show their own skills and know-how !

Intense communication through multiple partners

Promoting a great number of exemplary realisations, and making them known as widely as possible : here is Construction21’s challenge. In order to achieve that goal, Construction21 mobilizes its vast network of partners from the sector. 50 media organisations and specialised trade fairs, but also unions and professional associations reach out to their members, in each country and at an international scale.

Internationally, the competition is part of the actions of the Global Alliance for Buildings & Construction and is supported by renown international organisations such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s R20, ICLEI, World Climate Ltd, Green Planet Architects and Climate KIC. See them all

Massive presence on social media

Competing projects also benefit from the massive media cover, through an intense communication campaign on all 12 Construction21 platforms and social media. As for the winners, they get an extra boost with a video describing their project which would be naturally broadly shared on the web.

Events to exchange directly with professionals

Launch at MIPIM, press conferences in all countries to announce national winners in September, events in World Efficiency and Batimat, Awards ceremony at the COP23 in Bonn, Germany, in November… so many opportunities to highlight the candidates and their realisations.

Main steps of the 2017 edition

Apply by simply publishing a case study

The contest is open to all types of buildings, districts or infrastructures, new or renovated. Only one requirement : competing realisations must be delivered before June30, 2017 (and after January 1st, 2012 for buildings and infrastructures).

To enter the contest, participants only need to publish a case study before June 1st, 2017 in one of Construction21 databases. It will be moderated by one of the Construction21 national team, then translated to become visible in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese over the whole network. If there’s not yet any national Construction platform available, practitioners may publish their case study on in English, French or Spanish.

A jury of experts and an online vote will determine the winners in each country, and then the international winners.

More info about the contest – Inscription

With this contest, Construction21 aims to globally disseminate actionable solutions, implemented by pioneers, and contributing to limit global warming under 2°C.

We expect numerous applications for innovative buildings, districts and infrastructures. By participating the contest, you will inspire professionals across the world for their future projects !

Christian Brodhag, President of Construction21


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Moderated by : Vincent Gilfaut

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