Winners of the Green Solutions Awards 2017: their solutions to limit global warming

Winners of the Green Solutions Awards 2017:  their solutions to limit global warming

No more suspense! The international winners of the 2017 edition of the Green Solutions Awards have been revealed on November 15th in Bonn, during the COP23. The winning teams received their prize before professionals from across the globe in a ceremony at la Galerie by WE. Their buildings, districts or infrastructures demonstrate that building cities differently is possible.

A ceremony connected to the COP23

The competing pioneering realisations are broadly disseminated, along with their best practices, toward professional around the globe, hence contributing to build a low carbon society. This is a very concrete way to contribute to the Paris Agreement voted in the COP21.

Many personalities from the environment and construction sectors attended the ceremony, including Walloon Budget Energy and Climate Minister Jean-Luc Crucke, R20-Regions of Climate Action Michèle Sabban, …….. 

Viral communication campaign all over the web

In order to achieve its goals of promoting best practices, Construction21 offers great visibility to the winners in their country and across the world, helping them to highlight their know-how and expertise.

After the public ceremony at COP23, followed by the press and the sector, each winner is offered a video showcasing their realization. Subtitled in 6 languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese – these videos will be broadly shared on the Internet and on social media. A brochure in 5 languages will also highlight them along with the candidates awarded with a mention of the international jury.

The Construction21 international network mobilises more than 60 media partners and professional organisations in each of the country it covers and also on an international scale, by providing an online media kit accessible to all with articles, press releases, emailings, social media posts, banners and more…

Construction21 stands at the crossroads of the environmental and digital revolutions, harnessing the dissemination power of the web to promote innovative solutions invented by winning professionals in the Green Solutions Awards.

The Awards unveils trends in the sector

150 candidates from 19 countries competed in the 2017 edition of the Green Solutions Awards. After the first qualification phase, punctuated by national distinctions in September in each Construction21 country, 59 national champions were still in the race for the international finals.

The realisations rewarded by the contest constitute a source of inspiration for all professionals working in the building and city sectors. They demonstrate how to decarbonize our societies, either by using local resources in short supply chains, or reinvented traditional technics or cutting-edge technologies, or even by creating a true intelligence for the building and its systems, or by searching new sources of energies. Most of all, the awarded pioneering projects showed that they could integrate the human aspect as a central factor of their sustainability.

Learn more about the trends of the 2017 edition candidates

9 international winners and 14 jury mentions

Sustainable City Grand Prize

International winner

Cité du Centenaire

Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgium

  • Contractor : La Sambrienne 
  • Architect : Startech Management 

Watch the Cité du Centenaire video

2nd place - Virtual City of Zero Energy House

Tomiya, Japan

Contractor : Sekisui House LTD 

Sustainable Infrastructures Grand Prize

International winner

Filtering Gardens®

Ilha do Bom Jesus, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Contractor: L'Oréal
  • Dealer/Manager: Phytorestore Brasil
  • Builder: Afonso França Engenharia

Watch the Filtering Gardens® video

2nd place - Thassalia, France's first marine geothermal power plant

Marseille, France

Contractor : Patrick Berardi; Dealer/Manager : Engie-Thassalia; Builder: Engie-Thassalia

Sustainable Construction Grand Prize

International winner


Gembloux, Belgium

  • Contractor : BSolutions
  • Architect : BSolutions
  • Builders : Cobelba
  • Engineer Consultancy : BSolutions

Watch the BSolutions video

2nd place - Lycée international de l’Est parisien

Noisy-le-Grand, France

Contractor : Région Île-de-France – Unité lycée (Mandataire : SAERP) Architect : Ateliers 2/3/4/; Builders : CBC GTM, Balas, Blanchard, Solstyce, Tuvaco; Engineering consultancy : SAS Mizrahi, Éléments ingénieries, Peutz et Associés

3rd place - Post-Disaster Reconstruction of research center for Giant Panda

Abe Tiebetan, China

Architect : Sichuan Institute of Architectural Design; Enginerring consultancy : CABR Architecture Design Institute, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture; Sustainable development consultancy : Sichuan Wolong National Nature Reserve Administration


Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize

International winner

Projet 55

Mons, Belgium

  • Construction manager : Homeco
  • Architect : Bachelart-Delvigne Architects
  • Engineer Consultancy : Homeco

Watch the Projet 55 video

2nd place - Retrofit of Hongqiao International Airport

Shanghai, China

Contractor : Shanghai Airport; Builder : East China Construction Group Co., Ltd; Engineer Consultancy : East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd

3rd place - 55 Amsterdam

Paris, France

Contractor : GECINA; Architect : Agence Naud & Poux; Builders : Aquae, Viessmann; Engineering consultancy : Egis, LTA, CEEF, Impact acoustique, Végétude


Energy & Temperate Climates

International winner

Kirstein & Sauer

Bielefeld, Germany

  • Contractor : Kirstein & Sauer GmbH
  • Architects : Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller GmbH
  • Engineer Consultancy : Solares Bauen GmbH

Watch Kirstein & Sauer video

2nd place - Biodiversum

Remerschen, Luxembourg

Contractor : Administration Bâtiments Publics; Construction manager : SGI Ingenieure Junglister; Engineer Consultancy : BETIC S.A

3rd place - La Vil·la Urània : complejo de equipamientos públicos

Barcelona, Spain

Contractor : BIMSA (Barcelona Infraestructuras Municipales); Construction manager : UTE Dragados-Acsa Sorigué; Architect : UTE SUMO arquitectes SLP; Builder : AIA Instal Lacions Arquitectoniques; Engineering consultancy : Dekra, Q estudi. Presupueto y mediciones; Facility manager : Viading


Energy & Hot Climates

International winner

School of Bois d'Olives

Saint-Pierre de la Réunion, France

  • Contractor : Commune de Saint-Pierre
  • Architect : Antoine Perrau Architectures
  • Engineering consultancy : Leu Réunion, GECP, BET AIR, CREATEUR

Watch the School of Bois d'Olives video

2nd place - IME Yepi Kaz

Remire Montjoly, French Guyana, France

Contractor : Apajh Guyane; Assistance to the contracting authority : CED Guyane; Builder: B2TG; Architect: ACAPA; Engineering consultancy: Robert Célaire Consultants, ACAPA, Alter

3rd place - Teaching and research complex of traditional Chinese medicine

Guangdong, China

Contractor : Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Engineering Consultancy : Guangdong City Building Science Research Institute Co., Ltd


Low Carbon

International winner

Maison des Yvelines - Nubian Vault

Ourossogui, Senegal

  • Contractor : Conseil Général des Yvelines
  • Construction manager : ONG Le Partenariat
  • Architect : AL-MIZAN Architecture
  • Technical expertise : Association La Voûte Nubienne
  • Structure : Habitat Moderne

Watch the Maison des Yvelines video

2nd place - Student Residence 42!

Bonn, Germany

Architect : Raum für Architektur; Contractor : Projekt 42! GbR; Manufacturer : Isocell


Health & Comfort

International winner

CNPC Headquarters

Beijing, China

  • Contractor : China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)
  • Facility Manager : PetroChina Sunshine Property Management

Watch the CNPC Headquarters video

2nd place - Oficina de Triodos Bank en Málaga

Malaga, Spain

Contractor : Triodos Bank N.V España; Construction manager : Altave

3rd place - Brock Environmental Center

Virginia Beach, United States

Contractor : Chesapeake Bay Foundation; Delegated project management : Skanska; Architect : SmithGroupJJR; Builder : Hourigan Construction; Engineer Consultancy : Janet Harrison Architect


Smart Building

International winner

Ampère e+

Courbevoie, France

  • Contractor : SOGEPROM
  • Builder : SCO
  • Architect : Atelier 2/3/4
  • Engineering consultancy: INEX, Arcora, Peutz, Etamine
  • Innovation consultancy : Green Soluce

Watch the Ampère e+ video

2nd place - Office building of Dongguan Eco-Park Holding CO, LTD

Dongguan, China

Contractor : Dongguan Ecological Park Holdings Limited; Architect : South China University of Technology Architectural Design and Research Institute; Engineer Consultancy : Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

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