Webinar - Digital tools for workflow management

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Webinar - Digital tools for workflow management

This webinar is part of the series organised during 2023 by the COGITO project, hosted by BUILD UP.

Are you the Construction Project Manager, Construction Supervisor, or Construction Project Coordinator? Or maybe you are just interested in Digital Twin and current, practical solutions in that area? Join our WEBINAR and get to know ‘Digital Tools for Workflow Management on the Construction Site’ developed in COGITO project! It will reduce your costs, improve quality and create a safer environment.

Towards minimising construction project time/cost overruns and alleviate workplace accidents, COGITO targets a semantic and pragmatic alignment between novel data capture techniques and delivery of value-adding end-user services leveraging the power of near-real-time data for the timely detection of health & safety hazards to humans, construction quality defects as well as a constantly up-to-date workflow management in order to minimise construction project time/cost overruns and alleviate workplace accidents.

To address this challenge, the EU-funded COGITO project introduces a real-time digital representation (twin) of a construction project, using methods to ensure interoperability among the different components and technologies constituting the digital twin ecosystem, following the lean construction principles. COGITO aims to materialise the digitalisation benefits for the construction industry by harmonising Digital Twins with the Building Information Model concept and to establish a digital Construction 4.0 tool-box.

This webinar is the 3rd one out of the series of 5 webinars titled ‘Practical Tools for the Construction Sector in Digital Twin’ organized by the COGITO Team. The aim is to present COGITO Digital Construction 4.0 tool-box and gather important feedback from the audience.


Construction Supervisors, Construction Board of Managers, Construction Project/H&S/QA Managers, Construction companies, Construction site labour, Technological Platforms and Professional Associations and Initiatives.


11:00-11:05 - Welcome. 

11:05-11:20 - Project overview 

Objectives and recent results (Hypertech)

COGITO Tools in a nutshell (UEDIN)

Q&A (Hypertech, UEDIN)

11:20-11.50 - Digital tools for Workflow Management 

Development status; Provided functionalities; Anticipated refinements; Walkthrough and preparation of user manuals for the following tools: 

  • PMS 
  • WODM 
  • WOEA

Workflow Management tools demo Q&A

11:50-11:55 - Poll

11:55-12:00 - Wrap up & conclusions

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