Webinar: Data Quality for Energy Managers

20Sep 2017

Every energy manager relies on energy data to make intelligent energy decisions, lower energy costs and increase energy productivity. 

But it is important to consider that the quality of your energy decisions is directly dependent on the quality of the data you base them on.

Poor data quality can cost you and your clients through inaccurate billing, missed energy saving or retrofit opportunities and even lost energy efficiency projects.

And with 75% of companies reporting data quality issues, it is essential to understand the accuracy level of your energy data, and what to do if it isn't.

In this free live training session, you will:

  • Learn new ways to optimise and control energy data quality from an expert data scientist
  • Meet the new Data Quality App for DEXCell Energy Manager 
  • Understand how this new app can help in case of data gaps or loss

Don't miss this free learning opportunity - register here to get trained for free!

 http://dex.ma/2wbuwLi     20/09 - 20/09/2017
Moderated by : Sylvain Bosquet

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  •  http://dex.ma/2wbuwLi     20/09 - 20/09/2017

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