Webinar - CREATE project: Save energy today and tomorrow

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Webinar -  CREATE project: Save energy today and tomorrow

This webinar will take place on the 2th of June, from 12.00 to 13.30. 

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The first global energy storage conference held in Paris in 2014 concluded that to achieve the European goal of energy-neutral built environment in 2050, harvesting, converting and storing seasonal energy is essential. The 2020 climate and energy package calls for a substantial increase in renewable energy by 2020.

The building sector accounts for the largest share of energy consumption in European Union (approx. 40 %). The solution should be applied to the current buildings, as it is expected that in 2050 two thirds of the building stock will be made up of already existing structures.

“The main aim of the CREATE concept is to tackle this challenge by developing a heat battery, i.e. an advanced thermal storage system based on Thermo-Chemical Materials (TCMs), that enables economically affordable, compact and loss-free storage of heat in existing buildings.”

Watch the video explaining the CREATE concept here.

The webinar session will provide an overview of the CREATE technology and the research results, the market potential and most importantly the deployment of the heat battery in real conditions – the demonstration site in Poland. Join us live on the 2nd of June to find out more about the heat battery and how it enables better use of available renewable energy sources.

02/06 - 02/06/2020
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