Understanding skills for a sustainable future: skills mapping

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Understanding skills for a sustainable future: skills mapping

BUILD UP is hosting a webinar organised by ISSO on Understanding skills for a sustainable future: skills mapping. The event will delve into the role of skills mapping in the decarbonisation of buildings, sharing the insights and experience of four projects: BuildUpSkills NetherlandsTrain4SustainArise and BUS-Go Circular.

To make our buildings energy-neutral by 2050, we must have the right skills, especially regarding energy efficiency and transition. That is why a 'skills mapping' has been developed within the BuildUpSkills Netherlands (BUS-NL) project: a map of professions and specialisms that provides an overview of the required skills in the construction sector. BUS-NL not only looked at technical skills, but also at social and transversal skills. Those involved underlined the importance of personal competencies: only if you are sufficiently competent can you function well in making buildings more sustainable.

This 'skills mapping' is based on previous research and shows more than 300 specializations and 100 professions. To keep things clear, this number has been reduced to 25 representative professions.

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