The tool is cool: instruments and solutions for effective energy and climate planning – EU online roundtable

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The tool is cool: instruments and solutions for effective energy and climate planning – EU online roundtable
Round Table

Cities are the main contributors to pollution and climate change, but they have also the potential of becoming a real driving force of the energy transition, leading by example and exceeding EU neutrality targets.

This opportunity can be easily unlocked by local and regional authorities with the right tools for easier planning and implementation of energy and climate strategies. This event aims to present some tools which can help the local actors make significant steps towards climate neutrality and foster discussion between stakeholders from different levels of governance: from regional authorities, national governments and European institutions.

  • IN-PLAN will present its practice – a long-lasting support structure enabling local and regional authorities to effectively implement their sustainable energy, climate, and spatial plans, by Integrating energy and climate planning with spatial planning, ensuring commitment at all political levels and matching the included measures with specific dedicated local and regional budget lines. 
  • Regio1st presents its Planning Framework that provides a comprehensive, structured approach for regional energy planners in Europe to develop and implement sustainable, cost-effective energy strategies while prioritizing energy savings in buildings, system flexibilities and other energy efficiency solutions in line with the Energy Efficiency First (EE1st) principle. 
  • PROSPECT+ presents the tools under development to support cities and regions when it comes to financing and implementing their sustainable energy and climate plans (SECAPs) or similar with a capacity building programme based on peer to peer.

This will result in a higher rate of implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, including energy efficiency measures.

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Round Table
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