The New EU CITY FACILITY initiative has been launched!

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Exciting news: the new EU CITY FACILITY is here! Find out about the general outline of the project and stay tuned for more!

The EU City Facility will provide up to € 60,000 of grants to public authorities. This lump sum should be used to develop an investment concept and can be spent on internal staff or to hire external expertise. The Investment Concept will outline a potential projects pipeline with critical investment scale and will define a sound financial strategy and process to launch investments considering different financing options. There will be several calls for funding starting from Spring 2020. In total, more than €12 million will be distributed via cascade funding. The EUCF team will be running a Central Helpdesk and organise promotional and support activities in English. Country experts among which 11 FEDARENE members will be coordinating national country experts (Wallonia DGO4, REGEA, TREA, AURA-EE, TEA, EC Network, MIEMA, ESCAN, ESS, SWEA, Oeste Sustentavel) to support applicants in national language. Next steps:

  • Autumn 2019 – project website established
  • Early 2020 – launch event
  • Spring 2020 – first call for proposals


FEDARENE is involved in the consortium that will be running the EU City Facility in the next 4 years. The consortium is led by Energy Cities and involves Climate Alliance, Enviros and Adelphi.

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