Digitalisation in the built environment #3: BIM basics, the need for a skills framework

Digitalisation in the built environment #3: BIM basics, the need for a skills framework

The construction sector is becoming increasingly more digital. The focus on implementing digitalisation is shifting from the hard, technical side of digitalisation (data and ICT) towards the soft, social side of digitalisation, resulting in a more digitally skilled workforce. To support this development, the ecosystem of training and upskilling on digitalisation needs to mature quickly.

What does the future interface of training and upskilling in the construction sector look like?

The future of training and upskilling in the construction sector will be shaped with technology and innovation. In this, digitalisation will play a major role in HOW we learn and WHAT we learn. In today’s age of digitalisation, full advantage must be taken in both aspects:  

  1. [WHAT] Increased use of virtual and augmented reality: Virtual and augmented reality technologies can be used to simulate real-life construction scenarios, providing workers with hands-on training experiences in a safe and controlled environment.  

  1. [HOW] Online, remote and beyond blended learning: With the increasing availability of online learning platforms, workers in the construction sector will be able to access training and upskilling opportunities from anywhere, at any time.  

  1. [WHAT] Big data and artificial intelligence: Big Data and AI technologies can be used to analyse construction projects and processes, providing workers with real-time insights and recommendations for improvement.  

  1. [WHAT] Robotics and automation: The construction sector is likely to see increased use of robotics and automation technologies, requiring workers to upskill in order to work effectively with these systems.  

  1. [HOW] Collaborative training and upskilling initiatives: The construction sector is witnessing increased collaboration between industry organisations, universities, and training providers to develop and deliver upskilling programs that are relevant, effective, accessible and recognisable. 


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The ARISE project is aimed at providing a training and qualification scheme for the skills required to support the implementation of BIM and energy efficiency across the construction supply chain. ARISE is presenting six articles dedicated to the different stages of digitalisation and takes the reader through the entire process.

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