Scaling up renovation in Europe: The role of one-stop shops in reaching a fully decarbonised building stock

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Scaling up renovation in Europe: The role of one-stop shops in reaching a fully decarbonised building stock

Reducing the energy and carbon need of the building stock is a key priority for the European Union, as buildings are responsible for around 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the region.

The European Commission’s Renovation Wave Strategy proposes several solutions to increasing its renovation rate, which continues to linger at around 1%, with the new objectives of renovating 35 million building units by 2030 and of doubling the renovation rate within the next 10 years. There is a need for “standardised one-stop shops that can be deployed quickly”. The development of more standardised one-stop shop models, which can be replicated and quickly deployed across Europe, is an important step towards reaching the 2050 decarbonisation goal.

This conference will facilitate a dialogue in the midst of the EPBD recast negotiations to identify the value added of home renovation OSS platforms to citizens, municipalities, and the market; to define strategies for overcoming market barriers; to discuss the benefits of renovation programs in alleviating energy poverty; and to highlight best practices amongst OSS programs targeting a variety of stakeholder groups.

The first of three sessions will present the learnings of the Turnkey Retrofit project and Solutions4Renovation platform that have been developed in France, Spain and Ireland with funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. The discussion will give particular attention to the process of replicating the renovation service in Spain and Ireland.

The second session will feature other European one-stop-shop initiatives to explore their key success factors and relay what is needed to step up and replicate their services.

This conference is open to anyone interested in the future of building renovations in Europe. Attendance to the conference is free, but prior registration is required.




9.00: Keynote speech - Thibault Roy, Policy officer, DG Energy, European Commission

9.10: Supporting local action for renovation with financial assistance tools: insights into the ELENA programme - Louise White, European Investment Bank

9.20: Session 1: Lessons learned from the Turnkey Retrofit project, what is next?

  • Short presentation of the project and demonstration of the Solutions4Renovation platform - Madeleine Devys, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB)
  • Overview of TURNKEY RETROFIT Business models –  Rachel Desmaris, R2M
  • Key learnings from the replication in Spain and Ireland – Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Rehabilitación y Reforma (ANERR), Tecnalia and Irish Green Building Council (IGBC)

10.20: Session 2: Successful initiatives – what can we learn from them? 

  • PadovaFIT project: from operationalising an OSS in Padova to replicating its business model in other EU cities (Bulgaria and Romania) – Annamaria Bagaini, Bocconi University
  • Renovating condominium buildings with CoachCopro in the Ile de France region – Karine Bidart, Agence Parisienne du Climat
  • H2020 Re-modulees project: insights into the re-modulees platform and the reLABs (renovation Local Advisory Boards) – Maria Sara Di Maggio, ABT, and Ana Sanchis Huertas, Valencia Institute of Building

11.00: Session 3: Panel discussion with all speakers

11.45: Concluding remarks - Dominque Caccavelli, Turnkey Retrofit coordinator; CSTB

22/02 - 22/02/2022
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