Roger Léron Award 2018 – 4th edition

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Roger Léron Award 2018 – 4th edition

The Roger Léron Award aims to acknowledge the determination of an an individual and their impressive contributions to sustainable energy at the regional and / or local level in Europe.

Indeed, regional and local levels of governance play a central role in energy and climate issues, through their responsibility for many policy areas (energy, transport, housing,…), their proximity to citizens, their thorough knowledge of the territory, and their greater flexibility than national governments. Their concrete contributions on the ground are adding up to reduce Europe’s dependence on foreign energy, ensure Europe’s security of energy supply, and prevent further impact on our climate.

The winner will receive the trophy at a ceremony in Brussels. We invite you to have a look at the previous editions of the Roger Léron Award.

The Award is named in memory of Roger Léron, a pioneer of regional energy development in Europe and one of the FEDARENE founders who also served as its President for over a decade (1995-2007). Deeply rooted in local and regional development, he had a far-reaching vision for greater European sustainability.

See our Roger Léron Award page by clicking here.



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