Green Solutions Awards 2019: hot climates in evidence.

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Will sustainable construction in hot or tropical climates be the main challenge to keep global warming under 1.5 ° C? Everything suggests that it will, since hot climates are predominant on our planet. Beyond this, tropical or arid areas have the highest population growth and significant economic development. These evolutions could impact significantly global climate. Sustainable construction in hot climates is therefore fundamental, as is sharing sustainable solutions that limit the use of mechanical air conditioning.


In the category Energy and Hot Climates, a jury of experts will reward the most exemplary buildings built in hot climates. Last year, the Media Library Wild South in Reunion won the International Energy and Hot Climate Award.

Have you been involved in the conception of an efficient building with good environmental performance in hot or tropical climate? Publish a case study to share your expertise: you may be one of our international winners!


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In collaboration with ADEME, Construction21 wishes to highlight stakeholders and innovative initiatives. For this 7th edition of the Green Solutions Awards, a particular attention will be given for widely spreading and sharing good construction practices in hot climates. To this effect, a dossier on the topic will be published in September and we will raise the ambition in terms of the number of case studies expected for the Awards. Mexican, Cameroonian or DOM-TOM projects are already underway !

As for all other construction sectors, sustainable solutions adapted to hot and tropical climates do exist and the use of mechanical ventilation is not inevitable. Engineers, clay buildings experts, architects or project managers, do not hesitate to submit case studies on your delivered project and participate in this 7th edition of the Green Solutions Awards!

Moderated by : Alexia ROBIN

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