Futur.e.s in Africa

29 10 2019
 Headquarter of the Casablanca-Settat Region, Morocco   29/10 - 29/10/2019

JOIN AFRICA’S MOST INNOVATIVE ECOSYSTEM : Futur.e.s in Africa is the first event that connects French, Moroccan and African digital ecosystems. Join and meet innovators, thinkers and doers from startups, companies, institutions and academics, and experiment new and exciting digital products and services that contribute to shape the cities and lands of tomorrow, sustainable and inclusive!

Futur.e.s in Africa fosters business and technological partnerships between French, Moroccan and African innovators. The event aims at strengthening the links between those change makers, highlighting plural approaches of innovation and be the place where doers build together the future of innovation in Africa.

Digital School Africa, SOSSystem (Togo), Pelebox Smart Lockers (Afrique du Sud), REMA (Bénin), Aquassay (France), Hydrologistics Africa (Kenya), Ecosun Innovations (France), Msi Conseil (Maroc), Solar-E-Cycles (Maroc), Bâtiments Verts (Maroc), Brickify (Nigeria), enVisite (France), HubCité Urbanattic (Togo),
Witti (France), Zelij Invent (Maroc), AccelCity, CloudFret (France), Ecom 4 Sénégal (Sénégal), FireFly Media Sénégal (Sénégal), Kourtim (Maroc), Pip Pip Yalah "Covoiturage Maroc" (Maroc), Weego - Public Transport App (Maroc), AgriLab (Côte d’Ivoire), Aywajieune (Sénégal), Fenou Packaging (Bénin), FoodHubs (Nigeria), Save Our Agriculture (Cameroun), TradeBuza (Nigeria), Biodome (Maroc), Coliba (Ghana), Lombrisol (Maroc), Initiative Set TIC (Sénégal), WoeBots (Togo), Beinday (Sénégal), Wecashup en Français (France)


Futur.e.s in Africa is co-organized by Cap DigitalFutur.e.s Festivals et Maroc Numeric Cluster

Thank you to our partners
Paris Region, Ministère de L’Industrie, de L’Investissement, du Commerce et de I'Economie Numérique du Royaume du Maroc, Region Casablanca Settat, Ministère des Affaires Étrangères et Européennes, Société Générale, ADEME, Fondation Afnic pour la solidarité numérique, Sofrecom, International Trade Centre


Moderated by : Alice Dupuy

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