Five EIT Climate-KIC startups announced as Cleantech Innovate finalists

Published by Catherine Ouvrard

Five EIT Climate-KIC supported startups are among the 30 finalists that will pitch at Cleantech Innovate, an investor showcase event happening on 30 April in London, United Kingdom.

The five startups, which all attended EIT Climate-KIC’s Accelerator programme, are: Origen Power, RFC Power, Addionics, Climate Edge and Boxergy.

Origen Power is researching and developing carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies capable of averting a climate catastrophe and supporting the transition to a net zero future.

RFC Power has developed and patented a unique breakthrough technology combining optimised cell architecture and low-cost chemistry in a hybrid gas-liquid redox flow battery, enabling extremely long cycle-life with negligible capacity loss over time.

Using patent pending 3D electroprinting methods, Addionics is redesigning the architecture of batteries at a microscopic level. This improves performance, safety, cost and charging time.

Climate Edge specialises in gathering relevant, farm-specific climate and production data. Through big data analytics and scientific research, it helps adapt farms to the changing climate.

Boxergy uses green off-peak electricity to generate heat with a high level of efficiency, storing it in heat batteries for later use. The electrical batteries are charged with cheap green power or from a solar PV.

These five EIT Climate-KIC supported environmental technology companies, as well as the other finalists, were selected by the Cleantech Innovate judges for having “game-changing potential”—from a record number of entries.

Richard Templar, Director of Innovation at Imperial College London’s Grantham Institute and member of the judging panel said:

“I was delighted by the volume and quality of the entries we were asked to judge. Having said that it made deciding on finalists much harder! Cleantech looks to be in rude health.”

Joseph Seal-Driver, Entrepreneur In Residence at InMotion Ventures and a member of the judging panel said:

“The quality and variety of submissions were exceptional; it’s a really exciting time for sustainable business.”

The 30 startups will pitch at the investor showcase; six in each of Cleantech Innovate’s five theme areas of energy, water/waste, shelter, food and transport.

Register now to secure your place at the investor showcase on 30 April to meet the entrepreneurs, hear their pitches first-hand, see their products and judge their game-changing potential for yourself.

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