Experiment WeCo public toilets for sustainable cities during the World Water Day

22 03 2019
 Vitry Sur Seine   22/03 - 22/03/2019

WeCo created the first eco-friendly, innovative and self-contained flush toilets. All excreta is recycled on-site into drinking quality treated water for flushing and watering green areas. We are developing the ecological toilets of the future for communities, off grid buildings. Together with Alstom, we are working on an industrial system ready to be connected to the public toilets of trains and other public places.

Our technology converts urine into water treated by electrochemical treatment: all bacteria are killed and clean, treated water is produced, which will be reused for closed-circuit hunting or for other uses (cleaning, watering, etc.). .). The toilets do not have to be connected to the sanitation network and operate autonomously.

Since WeCo toilets are off grid, they do not consume water. As for the standard connected public toilets, at least 6 litters are used per flush, 10 litters for automatic washing. On a basis of 100 flushing per day, this amounts to using 416,000 litters per year or 416 times what WeCo uses. In addition, with an average 100 users per day, WeCo produces 8,736 litters of treated water per year from collected and recycled urine.

Our customers are: sustainable cities, tourist sites, train manufacturers, construction shelters, modular buildings, event agencies, toilet companies, owners of non-connectable buildings.

WeCo World Water Day is an event organized by WeCo in Vitry / Seine on March 22, 2019 and hosted by Kilowatt, an association that is a “Generator of Festivities”. The Kilowatt Association has transformed this area into a urban, associative and artistic site, that still retains its industrial and energy roots.

WeCo has been experimenting its innovative, autonomous and sustainable flush toilets with the support of the Ile-de-France Region and BPI , since May 2017 on the Kilowatt site.

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