European Climate-KIC model successfully adapted for the launch of Climate-KIC Australia

Climate-KIC today welcomes the launch of Climate-KIC Australia, a self-financed, independent and separate legal entity from Climate-KIC, based on the successful European Knowledge and Innovation Community (‘KIC’) model for catalysing climate innovation from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

Climate-KIC Australia is a national response to the climate change challenge, and the global-scale opportunities that this represents. It will focus on three areas: reducing carbon emissions from energy production, the sustainable growth of urban environments and enabling regional transition away from carbon intensive industries to a more sustainable economy.

Quote from Martin Kern, Director, European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): “We are pleased to welcome Climate-KIC Australia to the EIT family. Action against climate change has no borders and requires global cooperation and innovation – this is what the EIT delivers. Together we power entrepreneurs to turn best ideas into green products, start-ups and jobs.”

Quote from Kirsten Dunlop, CEO, Climate-KIC: “I’m delighted to partner with Climate-KIC Australia, inspired by the model of Climate-KIC Europe and its success in bridging entrepreneurship, research, industry and public institutions to develop effective solutions for climate change. We look forward to working together to share progress, best practice and build bridges between the European Commission and the Australian government, taking the climate innovation agenda to a truly global audience.”

Quote from Mary Ritter, International Ambassador, Climate-KIC: “Climate-KIC Australia is an important part of building up our capacity for tackling climate change and the perfect complement to the initiatives already underway in Europe. We look forward to collaborating with Climate-KIC Australia to scale up climate innovation on both continents.”

Quote from Climate-KIC Australia: “Similar to its European predecessor, Climate-KIC Australia will form a key part of a structured, cohesive and effective response to climate change in Australia – bringing together the best to enable climate innovation to form the foundation of the future Australian economy.”

Whilst the global impact of climate change is obvious, making it essential that we cooperate internationally and share knowledge, the need to adapt to local circumstances is often overlooked.

Australia is a region that is particularly sensitive to climate change, such as increasing temperature. Climate-KIC are pleased that through adapting the European Climate-KIC model to Australia, their response is focused on the opportunities and potential for positive action, innovation and new business presented by climate change.

The establishment of Climate KIC’s, based on the European model, is currently under discussion with other countriesIf you are interested in exploring how the Climate-KIC model could be applied to your territory, please contact

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